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TWTW September 13th through the 19th: Things That Go Bang In The Night

I was wandering through my house and then started to wonder if I might be dreaming. I went into the kitchen and mentioned this to my coworker who was living with me. You’d think the fact that my coworker doesn’t live with me would give away the dream, but it seemed perfectly ok. I told him that one way to tell if you are in a dream is if things change from one moment to the next. I looked under the kitchen cabinets and the lights were gone. Now there are no lights under the cabinets in real life. I then looked at a wall and commented that some of the light switches were gone. There are no light switches on that wall in real life. A HA! I am dreaming I exclaimed. My coworker disappeared at this point. I started walking around my house thinking about what to do since I was dreaming. That’s when I noticed that next to the stairs there was a little alcove. It looked like a place you might put a small piece of art. It was trimmed in wood and nicely light. I got down on the ground to get a better look. ET’s hand (you know from the movie) came reaching out. I thought “I wanna hold ET’s hand.” So I reached out and woke.

I rolled over, pulled the blanket over my head and started to fall back asleep. I drifted away when Bang! and the house seemed to shake about. In my almost asleep state I thought maybe it was another dream. As I lay there thinking whether it had been real or another dream I got more and more awake. once I was all the way awake I laid there and listened. I didn’t hear anything but decided I should get up and see if I could find anything. I didn’t turn on any lights but started to walk through the house. I looked out into the front yard and thought I saw a dog with its tail wagging. I looked closer and realized it was just the wind moving a branch around in the streetlight. I got to the top of the stairs and stared down into the dining room. I saw something that looked like spindly arms and legs. My first thought was, alien. I had been dreaming about ET. I was pretty sure it wasn’t an alien. But I stood at the top of the stairs trying to figure out what it was. When I went down it was just light coming through the window on one of the chairs. I didn’t find anything so I went back to bed.

A few mornings later I lay in bed fully awake with the window open. There was a big bang and the house shook a little. Turns out it was something down at the propane plant. Like they were dropping something heavy.

TWTW July 5th through the 11th: I Go Drive About

One of the things I started doing during the pandemic is to go for drives out in the country. It is really nice to get out of the house after being couped up. When I first started doing it I would just drive around town but I soon started going out into the country. It’s both liberating and comforting to see the open fields and small towns. I also like checking out the really old (by American standards) houses you can find out there. One of the games I play is to pick a small town out on the map and pick a route to get there. I then try to find the town without checking my phone. It usually takes me a couple of tries.

On Monday I went for my longest drive yet. I was out there for almost three hours driving through fields and small towns. At one point, I was driving over a very steep bridge. As I started up the bridge I was gripped by a moment of terror. Then I remembered. Until about thirty years old, I had a recurring nightmare. I’d be in a car driving up a steep bridge, but the bridge was too steep and just went forever. The car wouldn’t make it up the bridge or we’d fall backwards into the water or just slide down. Near the bridge was a giant industrial building. I had always thought it was another bridge near my childhood home. But that didn’t really make sense because that bridge isn’t that steep. It was this bridge. It was really steep and there is a giant abandoned factory right next to it. My family must have taken me camping or fishing here when I was a kid. There is a state park just on the other side of the bridge.

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