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Month: December 2018

Music Tuesday: Christmas Edition

UNLEASH Michael Bublé!!!!!! 


TWTW December 6th through the 16th: I Say Weird Things To A Man In A Hood

It was much more seasonable temperatures this week, highs in the 40s with cold nights. I was walking home one night. It was chilly but not freezing cold. My apartment complex has a space in the center. It has a grill, a fire pit, some speakers, and a fire pit. People use it for parties. It also has a bad wifi internet connection for streaming music. As I walked by I laughed to myself. I had imagined some poor guy out there with a hood and a laptop. I looked back and it was a guy in a hood huddled over the glow of a laptop screen. For some reason, this really confused and intrigued me. I waked up to him and asked him what he was doing with this exact wording. “What are you doing? And why are  you doing this thing you are doing?”

He had just moved in and the internet wasn’t turned on in his apartment yet. He worked in IT and needed to login to work to fix something that was broken. Why wasn’t he using his phone? I didn’t ask. I told him good luck and went inside. I could see him out my window. He was out there for about a half hour.

I Burn a Pizza

On Sunday I made a homemade pizza. I mean all the way homemade, from like flour and water for the dough.  I make enough dough for 2 personal size pizzas. I cooked one and ate it. Afterward, I put the other one in the oven. It takes about 15 minutes at 400F. I am sitting at the computer when I smell the pizza.  Oops I had forgotten about it. I jump up and run to the over. I open the door. It’s not burned but just about perfect. I sighed thankfully and turned off the oven. About 5 minutes later I am sitting at the computer again and smell burning.  I had never taken the pizza out of the oven. Luckily I had turned the oven off. The pizza wasn’t completely burned just a little blackened in parts. 

Music Monday: Martin Peter – Days Gone By

TWTW December 3rd through the 9th: I Like When It’s Really Cold

We’ve had some really cold weather here recently. It has been well below the average temps.  The day I took the pic above, my car said it was 6 degrees F. As I scraped the ice off the windows I felt the crisp morning air against my cheeks. I realized I really like very cold morning air. There’s something purifying about it.  Then I climbed in the car cause it was really cold out.

Music Monday: Marc Hartman – The Language Of Love

TWTW November 26th through December 2nd: I Find The End Of The Rainbow And A Package Never Arrives

These weekly posts that are supposed to go out on Tuesday keep getting later.  I have such a busy and exciting life.

Not the rainbow I saw

Saturday it was really warm for November, 60 but stormy. I went for a walk. During the middle of my walk it started pouring down big drops of really cold rain. I pulled my hood over my head and trudged through. Despite the pouring rain the sun shined down.  I started looking around for the rainbow. Then I found it. Not far away in the sky.  It started in front fo a tree about 20 feet from me and then curled around to end about 4 feet in front of me. I had found the end of the rainbow. I looked but I couldn’t find the pot of gold.

Sunday morning I got a text that a package I had ordered from amazon was out for delivery. I would get it that day.  I checked the tracking and they had a cool map. You could see where the truck was and how many packages before mine came.  Next time I checked it said my package was almost here. I was the next step. The map showed the. truck literally 40 feet from my door.

About 45 minutes later I realized my package hand’t come. I checked the front door, nope. I checked the mailbox, nope.  The tracker no longer had the map but still said out for delivery arriving today. Three hours later and still non package.  The tracker still said out for delivery.  Late that night I checked again and it said, “We are sorry your package was not delivered on time. We are working on the problem.”  I assume they forgot to put it on the truck.

It came the next day.

Music Monday: RJ Chevalier – Mercury

TWTW November 19th through the 25th: Not Much Of A Thanksgiving

I had a cold. Jobu had a cold. Everybody in this house was sick and annoyed. I didn’t go anywhere. Thankfully a friend brought me some of their Thanksgiving Dinner. The End.

Worst post EVER!

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