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Month: June 2019

TWTW June 17th through the 23rd: I Forget What Day It Is, I Eat Too Many Cookies, And The Weather People Are Wrong Again.

No storms

I woke up in the dark. It was Saturday morning. I could sleep as much as I wanted. I thought what I would do so free of not having to go to work. A few hours later I woke up again. Light had started to come in through the window so it was 5ish. Once again I felt happiness at it begin Saturday. I could sleep all I want. I rolled over and fell back asleep. I woke up later. Welp time to get up and go to work cause it’s Friday. I never had that disappointing moment of realizing it was Friday when I thought it was Saturday. I just woke up when it was time to go to work knowing it was Friday

Speaking of Friday. I had brought some cookies into work. I ate a few. Well more than a few. five to be exact. This were sugar cookies with sprinkles. A couple hours after eating them the stomach distress started. It lasted all evening and I won’t go into details, but I spent a good deal of time on the toilet.

I think it was Sunday, the weather report called for storms, super storms, mega storms, all the storms. No chance of not storms. Sever storms guaranteed. Prepare for stormination. It drizzled for about 5 minutes.

TWTW June 10th Through the 16th: I Help Rescue A Kitten

As I got out of work on Friday Afternoon, I noticed a co-worker acting strangely in the parking garage. He was squatting down and looking under the cars. Turns out a little kitteh was all alone waddling around and meowing its tiny little kitten voice. We spent over a half hour trying to get the poor little guy to come close enough for us to grab. I finally had to head home but I found out later that the had finally managed to get the kitten.

TWTW June 3rd Through the 9th: One Good Turn

In the ancient past, I got a free washer and dryer from friend of mine. I stopped using the washer because it had a leak. In truth the leak wasn’t that bad. It could be cleaned up with a couple of paper towels. I tried to fix it but I couldn’t get the washer apart because the screws had all rusted shut.

A friend of mine and her man just moved into their first house. Was in most cases, the house didn’t come with a washer and dryer. Most people gave them the advice to just go buy them on a credit card. They, being much smarter than me, want to start their lives with as little debt as possible. I overheard the conversation and offered them my old ones for free. I did fully disclose the leak. A few weeks later they showed up to take them. Her boyfriend is a giant of a man. His biceps were the size of my thighs. He managed to move the washer and dryer by himself (with the help of a hand truck).

Remember the story from a few weeks ago about me finding a frog in my ruined folding chair and throwing it, the chair, away. Well, a couple of days after the washer and dryer in bye bye, a neighbor stops me. He told me they were moving away and asked if I wanted their balcony furniture. I said ok and I now own some outdoor furniture.

This is my happy face Dad

TWTW May 27th through June 2nd: I Am Inspired By A Fat Boxer And A Hockey Team

Yeah this one is really late. I always knew what I wanted to blog about but for some reason never got around to it. So here it is.

As an overweight middle aged man who hasn’t really done much with his life, I look for inspiration. I found it in two places this week.

He’s the one on the left

Andy Ruiz Jr. doesn’t have the standard athlete physique. In fact he looks kinda like me with my shirt off. I have less tattoos; zero is less. He got an opportunity to fight for the title because the original guy couldn’t make it. Nobody gave Ruiz a chance and he knocked out the other fighter in the 7th round. This article has a couple more pictures.

The second inspiration comes from the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Being a Blackhawks fan I can’t really root for the Blues, but on Jan 3rd they had the worst record in the league. That’s about half way through the season and I’m about half way through my life. From that point forward they went on a tear and dominated. That’s my plan.. To totally win the last half of my life. I just need to figure out some way to do it that doesn’t involve any effort.

And Yes I did get a new phone. The first pic below is with the new phone. The other two take with the old one.

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