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Month: February 2017

TWTW February 20th through the 26th: I Get Really Sick

Don’t read this one mom 🙂

The cough was back with a vengeance. All day long I had coughing fits that didn’t seem to do anything.  Like normal on a Monday I went out to the bowling alley. The cough continued but I didn’t think much of it.  At home I started to get a headache but most importantly started getting tired. I decided to go to bed early. As I brushed my teeth and got ready to go to sleep I started thinking about all the things I could do in the morning since I could get up early.  The coughing continued. I climbed into bed and pulled three layers of covers over me. I noticed a miracle. If I lay on either side I had no urge to cough. I cocooned myself up in the 3 blankets and got nice and warm. This was going to be a great night sleep. It was so warm. It got warmer.   And warmer. Than I was hot… and on fire. I was a dragon filled with lava. I fell into a fitful fevered sleep. When I fought my way back to consciousness I tried to roll over. I barely had the strength. After a couple of more hours of non restful sleep. I needed to get up to pee, drink a glass of water and take a couple of asparin to help break the fever. I tossed the covers off and lay there for a bit. The air was freezing on my skin. I sat up on the edge of the bed for a big shivering. I stood up and was instantly dizzy and week. I stumbled into the bathroom. I decided if I fell I’d just sleep on the floor.  I drank a glass of water and popped three aspirin in hopes that they would help the fever. I fell back into bed and pulled all the covers over myself and proceeded to be fire again. Sometime between 3 and 4 in the morning the fever broke. I was covered in sweat. I kicked off most of the covers and basked in the cooling soothing air.  I got up and drunk another glass of water to replace all  I was sweating out. I was still weak and dizzy.
The next two days my fever stayed over 100 degrees most of the time. I felt weak and spent a lot of time trying to sleep. I never did get much in the way of good sleep. I kept having fever dreams about getting a list right. If I could just get the list right I would be able to sleep. On the third day I managed to get some real sleep as the fever dropped below 100.

As of writing this on Saturday night, only a cough remains. The headache and fever are gone. Though I did sleep for 11 hour Friday night to Saturday morning. 

400th Post!!!!!!

Well here it is everybody my 400th post since restarting this blog on March 6th 2013

The traditional 100x post celebration gif

That’s more posts in about 4 years than I believe I posted in the entire ten years previously. This may be the longest in my life I have kept up at a hobby.  A lot of these posts are low effort. I mean 52 posts a year are music Mondays, but I really like those posts. I enjoy cataloging interesting music I hear throughout the week. I often go back and listen to old ones. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a little explanation of why I’ve chosen that song.

I have been disappointed with the that was the week posts but I still really like the initial intention. They are meant to be a record of my life so that I can look back in the future and remember. I originally started writing something about every day. Lately it’s become a quickly typed up memory of a single event or two. I want to keep doing them but my try something different. I don’t know if any of you, my few reader, enjoy them at all but they are really for me.
What is the point of the blog? Right now, it is just for me. It is a log of bits of my life. It could be many other things. I could use it to make money and get famous. I could use it to inform and educate; become a real Slackers Guide to Life. If I really wanted to draw some eyeballs I would start up a political blog. I could go either snarky conservative or resistance the evil fascist.    what probably wouldn’t sell would be a dispassionate intelligent look at the complex issues of modern government. That’s the problem my political posts always seem in the middle when people want frothing at the mouth irrationality. I might be better off restarting my tech blog. It shocked me with the views it drew.
Right now, I have only decided for sure on two things going forward. I am not going to stop and I am going to switch back to wordpress at some point in the future. It is just a superior platform.

TWTW February 13th through the 19th: I Fix the Car, Mostly

I meant to get a before and after picture of the car problem but I forgot the before so behold my amazing photoshop recreation.

That white thing is one half of the aluminum heat shield that covers the catalytic converter. Years of salt, rain, and snow, had corroded all the bolts holding it on. The only thing keeping it attached was the oxygen sensor cable. There was a whole in the middle of the heat shield that the sensor and cable stuck through.  It sounded horrible when the thing rattled around and I was afraid it might damage the sensor. First I tried to take off the sensor but I couldn’t get a wrench on the nut. Next I thought about disconnecting the sensor cable and pulling the shield off but I couldn’t really get my hands in their and got worried that I might not be able to reconnect things.  Finally I went to walmart and bought a 3.97 pair of tin snips and just cut the thing off.

Free of rattling shield

The shield on the driver side is also loose with all the bolts but one have rusted off. The final bolt is way up under and behind some parts so it is sorta protected from the weather. I just left that side attached.  Now I have a very tiny rattle occasionally. It sounds way better than when I thought the transmission was eating itself.

TWTW February 6th through the 12th: That Wacky Weather

On Wednesday it snowed. We had been warned that it could be 2 to 3 inches. In fact the storm headed east and pounded New York.  In total we only got about an inch. That night it got cold. The windchill was in the single digits F. I went to trivia night as usual. When it is cold out I like to get a ride back home from a friend of mine, but he wasn’t showing up till late. The walk wasn’t that far so I decided to bundle up and head home. As I trudged through the snow, a half grown bunny came charging at me full speed through the snow. I froze so as not to scare her but she saw me. There was the slightest hesitation and then she changed directions ninety degrees and lunged under a fence. I never did find out what had scared her so much. I didn’t see that at full tilt the little bunny was covering six feet of distance in each hop.  That’s one fast bunny.

Friday the weather warmed quickly.

This is the temp Friday morning when I left for work.

This is what it was like when I got home that evening.

Sunday I went to the grocery store. I think it might almost be Valentine’s day.

TWTW January 30th through February 5th: Still Sick, Still Tired

I missed out on last weeks update because I was too sick. Well I am still sick. As I write this I have been some version of sick for almost a week and a half. It’s some sort of cold that just will not go away. I snot, I have a tickle in my throat that sends me into coughing fits. Most of all I am really tired.  Like sleep for 12 hours tired. I stayed up till 1 am on Friday night. I did not get up until 1 pm Saturday. And I was still tired all day.  Though I do think some of my willingness to sleep forever is do to taking generic Niquil before bed. That stuff just puts me out for ever.  I keep waking up each morning wondering if this will be the day the cold is gone.

I am sure I have said it before but I dream a lot. I remember my dreams almost every day. I have some re-occurring characters and places in my dreams. I often realize I am dreaming with leads to lucid dreaming. During one of my long sleep sessions while being sick I had a dream that kept repeating, sort of.  The dreams took place in one of my re-occurring places. A nice hotel in some town in like Indiana.  Not a really big town, someplace like Terre Haute. I kept ending up outside the hotel and trying to get back to the hotel. Sometimes I made it sometimes I didn’t. This repeated three for four times. The last time, I remembered the previous iterations of the dream. I stopped on the sidewalk and looked around thinking, “Is this another re-occurring dream or is it real this time?” I looked at the blue sky and the trees around me. I took in the details and decided this was real, which is the only time I can remember getting it wrong. I always know when it is a dream. 

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