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Month: January 2020

Music Monday: The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

TWTW December 30th throught January 5th: New Year, Old Me, Who Dis

Jobu made it to 2020. It hasn’t been that weird with him gone. I think it’s because we moved six months ago. I don’t associate many places in this house with Jobu. I expect his fuzzy head to come sticking up from the stairs when I come in the front door. I expect him to be following me into the kitchen to beg for food, and I expect him to be a little sleeping ball in his bed.

The sweet thing was that the worse he felt the more he wanted to snuggle with me. He spent the entirety of his last night laying against me.

Jobu warming his old sick bones on New Years Day
So many food dishes because I was trying to find anything he’d eat

Music Monday: Tycho – Horizon

Bye Bye Jobu. Be A Good Jobu

This is the oldest picture of Jobu I could find. It’s from 2006
This is the last picture of Jobu I ever took.

On Friday I had to put Jobu to Sleep. He went quickly at the end. He was my companion for 15 years. We grew old together. I have lots of pleasant memories to think about. When I would leave and he was all curled up in his bed, I would yell, “Bye Bye Jobu. Be a good Jobu.” He was a good Jobu.

I have a lot more to say about Jobu but I don’t feel like saying it now.

TWTW December 23rd through the 29th: Merry Christmas

I spent Christmas with people ( including furry kind ) that I love. I also finished watching the baby yoda show.

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