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Month: June 2017

TWTW June 19th through the 25th: Longest Day of the Year

Weekly Weather Update #1 The Temps

The week started off extremely hot, like in the 90s hot. The funny thing is, shortly after Summer officially started it got way cooler. The weekend has been almost near perfect weather, sunny with temps in the 70s.

Weekly Weather Update #2 Slight Chance of Rain means it Rains Every Day

For three days straight, starting on the Summer solstice, we had a small, about 20%, chance of rain each day.  Yep, it rained every single one of those days.  The rain did give us a nice rainbow or two:

But the rain and the clouds did interfere with one of my plans. On the solstice I wanted to head over and take a picture of the upwell statue showing the sun at it’s highest most northerly point. By the time I got out there the sky was overcast and rain had just started.

Later that day, I tried to get a picture of the Sun settings but it was still cloudy. So this pic from a couple of days latter will have to suffice.

The Weekend

The weather over the weekend was almost perfect. I tried to spend as much time outside as I could. On Sunday I made homemade pizza
And Jobu spent the day outside being old.

TWTW June 12th through the 18th: Overwatch Ranking is Borked

Jobu decided to use one of his mousies as a pillow. Yep, he is resting his head on it. You can see the little tail and a bit of the mousy.

Video game stuff you won’t care about:

For the last year or so I have been playing a bunch of a game called Overwatch.  I’m not very good at it, which is kinda sad since I used to be really good at this kind of game. I guess that is part of the price you pay when you become a mature productive adult( get old and slow).  There are several different ways you can play the game. Competitive mode ranks you against other players. You can see where you fit in with other players. Only it seems to me to be broken. The mode has seasons like in a sports league. At the start of each season, you have to do ten placement matches that are intended to put you against the proper opponents. Each season the game has lowered my skill rating. I started out in the middle at gold and have slowly fallen off until I am in the horrible scrub league of low bronze. 

TWTW June 5th through the 11th: I WANT PETS MEOW!!

Early Wednesday morning, Jobu woke me up. The sky had just begun to lighten and the birds were chirping, so I guess it was about 5 am. There’s nothing surprising about Jobu waking me up early in the morning. A few times a night he jumps on the bed  and needs attention. If he want treats or to be let out he whines a bit. I ignore him. If he just wants snuggles and pets he lays down next to me and purrs. This morning he woke me not by jumping on the bed or whining. I awoke to him in the other room meowing plaintively. I wondered if something was really wrong, so I got up and went to see him. He was laying on the floor so I started to pet him. He purred in response. I checked if maybe ants had gotten into his food or maybe he was out of water. Nothing seemed amiss. I went back to him and  petted him some more. After some more pets and purrs he got up and wandered off. I realized that was all he wanted. He made me get up and pet him in the dark.

Over the weekend I went to see my parents and check out a  friends new house. I had to take a new route to the new house. I checked it out before I left. I memorized the few basic turns I need to get there. It was all pretty straight forward. I checked out the street signs as I passed so I wouldn’t miss my turn. I saw a name I recognized and realized the next stop light should be my turn. Nope. It was another 3 miles down the road. I almost missed the second turn because it didn’t look right. I moved some boxes and put together an battery powered lawn mower. Mostly I loved on a dog. At the old place my friend wanted me to put this statue of a dragon she had on her lawn into the back of her car.  It was stone and about the size of a throw pillow. How heavy could it be?  Pretty heavy once I started trying to pick it off the ground.  Kneeling on the ground, I managed to get it into my arms and off the ground. Then I realized I had to stand up. I managed to get my left leg planted firmly on the ground. I pushed with all my might trying to stand up. Nothing happened. My friend had to come over and give me a help up.

Music Monday: BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Racing In The Street

I meant to post this LAST Monday. Instead I posted the wrong Music Monday so…

Last(Two Fridays AGO) Friday, June 2nd, was the 39th anniversary of the release of a very important rock album you’ve probably never heard of: Darkness on the Edge of Town by Bruce Springsteen.  Many Springsteen fans and critics consider it his best album. It also contains a song many people think is his best: Racing in the streets.

Throughout his career, Springsteen has done an amazing job of capturing normal American life, but in a way that magnifies the drama of that life. Two young people in some poor working town trying to make a life is full of drama and pain and love and hope. 

On first glance, Racing in the Streets seems to be about racing cars. Looking a little deeper and people see it talking about a relationship in trouble.  In my opinion, Brice gives us one of the best songs reflecting one of his reoccurring themes. The failing man appears in many of my favorite Springsteen songs. A man is supposed to be the hero and have everything worked out. In songs such as Downbound Train or One Step Up, Bruce does a really good job of capturing the doubts a man feels alone at night trying to figure out how to fix what has gone wrong.

TWTW May 29th through June 4th: If A Tree Falls in the Parking Lot and Nobody Hears It

Well, I heard it. I was walking through the center of my apartment complex area when I heard this cracking sound. I looked over and saw this tree just falling between 2 of the buildings. I first thought that someone was cutting it down and clearing it out. But I didn’t see anybody. I walked over and there wasn’t anybody near it. The healthy looking tree, on a windless day, just fell over. People starting coming out of their apartments trying to figure out what happened. I told them it just fell down.  A day later and they still haven’t cleaned it out.

GEESE!!!  I heard a bunch of noise outside. I looked out and saw this:

 Yes, there was a car behind them slowly moving them forward.

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