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Month: May 2014

On Hiatus

As you’ve probably noticed dear readers of my blog, all 20-30 of you, I haven’t posted in about 3 weeks. So I thought I would officially announce an hiatus from blogging for a bit. I’ll be back, probably, and I won’t be gone that long.  I actually have like five posts in various stages.  So this blog is taking a nap for a bit.

even while sick he cheers me up

New Theme

After a little over a year, I decided to update the theme here in wonkyland. The old one had started to feel a little to dark, and the background image was getting stale to me. This new theme seems light and modern.

As long term readers of this blog know, I like to read way back on peoples blogs and see what they were doing years ago. You will often come across posts like this one with the person saying they had updated their theme, background, etc.  At this point it is seven years and four themes later so you have no idea what their blog looked like.  So for posterity, I have included a screenshot of what my blog looked like its first year.


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