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Month: March 2016

TWTW:March 21st Through the 27th Why is everybody sick?

Spring decided to come in this Easter week by making everybody around me sick. It started with one of my coworkers saying that his kids were sick. The next day he said he was feeling bad and would take the afternoon off. he staid the whole day.  That Friday he was out sick. I have friend who owns a bar. He never takes a day off.  He is one of those people who puts in ten to twelve hours a day six days a week.  He got so sick he had to take two whole days off. I had sat next to him for hours.  I washed my hands so many times throughout the week and kept reminding myself not to touch my eyes, nose, etc.

Saturday morning I woke up with a soar throat, a head ache and a cough. I lay in bed trying to get more sleep hoping it would help me get better. The cat jumped on the bed, kneaded my shoulder and lay down next to me for a bit.  He got up and I drifted to sleep.  The cat jumped on the bed against and repeated the process of kneading my shoulder and laying down next me.  After the fifth time this happened I looked at the clock so I could judge how much time past between these waking. Every five minutes he was waking me up. I decided the next time he woke me up I would do something that had never happened the eight years we have lived her. I would close the bedroom door. I got to use the bathroom. When I came back in the room Jobu was curled up in the middle of the bed going to sleep. he just wanted me to get up so he could take his first of many naps.

Movie recommendation:  

Over the weekend I watched The Man From Uncle.  I hadn’t heard much about this movie when it came out in 2015. I had heard of the tv show from the 60’s. I didn’t expect much. I really enjoyed it. The three main characters had a lot of really good chemistry together that made the movie a fun romp. 

Funny Video of the week

TWTW: March 14th to the 20th, I Don’t Remember a Thing

I cast my mind back to the past and I try to remember what happened last week. I had Monday off from work. I get a lot of days off and have to use some of them up before the new fiscal year. I did my laundry at the laundromat and some freelance work that day.

I woke up Tuesday feeling very unsettled in my stomach area. I spent a lot of time that day in the bathroom. I called in sick that day and thought I might make it in in the afternoon but I didn’t feel up to it and took a 3 hour nap that afternoon.

I worked the rest of the week and finally got some sleep on Saturday.  I had a nice almost 10 hours

Funny gif of the week 

Interesting Video of the Week

Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik Wernquist on Vimeo.

TWTW: March 7th through the 13th Long Slow Walk in the Long Slow Rain

I had planned to get up early and go for a run Monday morning.  I don’t know why I plan things that I should know have no chance of happening.  I woke up late and it was raining so I got ready and drove to work. (Side note: I think I was late every single day for work) While at work the news was officially announced that Lovie Smith would be the new head coach of your Fighting Illini.

That night, Jobu wanted to go out on the balcony so I let him out. I got up Tuesday morning and wondered were the cat was hiding out. He came walking in from the balcony. I had left it open all night long. No in the past whenever I have opened the balcony I try to provide some adult supervision.  Jobu could easily jump to the roof over the door or I imagine him getting so excited that he jumps all the way to the ground and breaks his fuzzy neck. You need understand, Jobu is very stupid. My guess is that during his night of freedom that his two most prominent personality traits, his stupidity and his cowardice, fought each other to a standstill.

That evening, in the fading light, I went for a short jog.  I actually have planned a longer post on my getting back into running. It’s like the 6th time in my life.

Saturday was a long and productive day.  I got up early and did some stuff around the place. Then I went for another jog and spent the afternoon doing freelance work. As I went to bed that night I was amazed at how much stuff I had accomplished.

Sunday on the other hand was the complete opposite. I woke up late, way late when you factor in the time change. It was raining a long slow steady rain so I went for an over hour walk in it. I didn’t even listen to anything on my phone most of the walk I just thought about stuff and imagined stories to write.  I then sat around for an hour or so before taking a three hour nap.  That night I just watched tc shows and played video toy.

TWTW: February 29th through March 6th. Lovieng the News #illini

Lovieing Illini Football Again

I woke up very late Saturday morning. I hadn’t gotten much sleep all week so I let myself sleep in. As I was glancing through my social media stuff I found some vague reference to the Illini firing the head football coach. The fired coach, Cubit, was in a strange and unenviable position. Just before the start of last collegiate football season, the then football coach, Tim Beckman, was fired for allegedly abusing players. Cubit was then named the interim coach. Half way through the football season the athletic director got fired.  They then took the rather unusual step of naming the interim head coach as the permanent one, but only gave him a 2 year contract. I have never heard of a college head coach contract that short.   The acting athletic director at the time described the situation as “not ideal”. People mostly ridiculed the decision. It was assumed that once a permanent AD got hired, they would fire the not-interim coach after one season.

The new “permanent” (is really anything permanent at the UofI) was announced a couple of weeks ago. The first day on the job, only hours into it, he walked into Cubit’s office and fired him. I was stunned by the news. You don’t fire coaches in March. There are no available candidates and all the good assistant/position coaches have been hired. To top it off they bungled the announcement of the firing with players and staff learning about it from social media. Let’s just say I was not impressed.  I tweeted something about the AD being a bumbling idiot.

Slowly through the night the rumors started to pick up.The new head coach was already picked out and it was Lovie Smith. For those who don’t know, Lovie Smith is the former head coach of the Chicago Bears. He took them to a Superbowl. He is highly regarded in the football world.  This would be the highest profile hiring in my time as an Illini fan. It would be a PR home run and instantly increase the credibility of Illini sports.

Sunday morning, the AD flies off on a chartered flight to Tampa Bay where Lovie currently lives.  The supposed meeting only takes like thirty minutes.  The plan comes back to Champaign and people are sad when Lovie isn’t on it.  More rumors begin to fly. The deal has collapsed.  Illinois is a total failure. If this thing blew up it would be the most Illinois thing ever.

After I had finished all that I had planned for I headed out for a night cap and an establishment known for sports and wings. There weren’t a whole lot of people present as I paid my bill.  I look over and there is a small entourage and in it is Lovie Smith. I started pointing at him. He turned and looked at me so I changed my pointing into an awkward wave. Stupidly I didn’t tweet it or take a picture.  When I got back home I did pop on a Illini fan forum to post the news but somebody already had.

Links for more accurate and in depth information:

Illinois fires Tim Beckman, allegedly for mistreatment of injured players
Illinois fires AD Mike Thomas amid damning report on football program
Illinois football: Bill Cubit agrees to 2-year contract
Illinois fires coach Bill Cubit less than four months after hiring him
Reports: Lovie Smith expected to be named next Illinois coach

Random Jobu Moment of the Week

Very early one morning, about three am, I am dreaming.  In my dream there is something getting in my face, like a stick or something.  I then wake up and the cat is licking my face trying to get me up.

I liked this video.  

TWTW: February 22nd through 28th #snowmaggedonpocalypsenado

We were expecting some snow on Wednesday. Like usual in this part of the country, the forecast kept changing as the day drew nigh. Estimates ranged all over the place 1 inch, 6 inches, nothing, only rain.  By the time I left work on Tuesday it seemed that the forecast had pretty much been set in stone. It would begin raining during the night and change into snow the next day. It would be very window with blizzard like conditions with up to four inches of snow.

Many people made plans not to go to work or school the next day. The grocery stores were raided as if bandits from the Steppes were closing in. I bought some milk because I was out of milk.  I woke up on Wednesday and a tiny dusty of snow was on my balcony.  I checked my email and several people were not coming into work that day.  I scoffed at the tiny bit of snow and stared my long long commute (15 minutes on a bad day) into work. According to the radio a bunch of schools and stuff were closed. Are you people serious? It is barely snowing. BLIZZARD!!! I was suddenly driving through white out conditions. It didn’t last long and the roads were fine so I arrived at work unscathed. It snowed hard most of the day but hardly any of it stuck. I would guess probably 3 to 4 inches of snow fell but by the end only an inch or so was on the ground. I think it was too warm for the snow to stick.  The roads on the drive home were perfectly fine. I did hear from people that as soon as you went out of town the roads got really bad really quick. In fact the State police shut down part of a fairly important road near town.

Saturday was boring but productive. Sunday on the other hand was very exciting for one furry member of the household, at least for a couple of hours. In the middle of the night I was dreaming. I dreamed that I was with a couple of friends and that ASPCA commercial with the “Arms of an Angel” song was playing. I woke up and lay there in the dark. Jobu sat looking out the window and then I realized I was still hearing that song. The tablet I use as an alarm clock was sitting on the bedside table playing music.

 Sunday was very windy and very warm. I had the balcony door wide open.  A plastic bad blew up onto the balcony and started to get blown about by the wind. This plastic bag became Jobu’s new play friend. The wind would bounce the bag around the balcony and Jobu would pounce and chase. Eventually a big gust of wind picked the bag up and flung it into the tree. Jobu rushed to the edge to watch his little bag friend being buffeted against the branches. The bag flew from the tree and started to fly away. Jobu stuck his head far out of the railing as if to wish his friend back. With great intensity he watched the bag jib and float on the gusts of wind.  He didn’t move as the bag got smaller and smaller.  When it had finally slipped from sight Jobu turned around and came back inside.  He looked up at me and let out a sad meow.  He then went to sleep.

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