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Month: June 2021

TWTW May 24th Through the 30th: Icy Hot Should Sponsor Our Springs

Our Springs usually consist of a few weeks of alternating periods of hot and cold. It’ll be so hot you wanna turn on the air conditioner and then so cold you want to turn on the heat. This year we had four such cycles. I finally turned on the air conditioner. It ran fine for a few days and kept the place nice and cool. I went into the basement to do some laundry and noticed a large puddle right under the furnace. I assumed that the condensation must not be draining properly. As I was getting the laundry going the furnace stopped and I heard a loud pop.

It turns out a small fuse inside the furnace had blown. When I opened the furnace to look around a noticed water on the inside. Ended up having to call a guy out to fix the furnace. Turns out the circuit board had blown and had to be replace.

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