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Month: July 2017

TWTW July 17th through the 23rd: The Return of the Real Rain Walk

The Return of the Real Rain Walk

Everybody who knows me, knows I love walking in the rain. Give me a mist up to a nice soaking rain and I’ll do everything I can to be out in it. I also walk for exercise almost every day (Yes! I spelled exercise correctly the first time). During these walks, I almost always listen to podcasts.  Saturday morning a perfect walking rain rolled in. It switched between a shower and a nice soaking rain. I grabbed my rain coat, my phone, and my headphones.  With the rain coming down I didn’t start up my podcasts. I remembered the old days when I would go for long walks with only the sounds of my own thoughts, well that and all the noises around me. I got soaked as I wandered around the neighborhood thinking about all sorts of important and unimportant stuff. I only saw one other person during the hour I was out. He must also be a rain walker since we both cheerfully said “Morning,” when we passed.

TWTW July 10th through the 16th: I Meet a Local Celebrity and Jobu Gets Sick

I Meet A Local Celebrity

I have a friend who runs a local bar. I call it a dive bar but it really isn’t a bad place. One day I walked over there. On the way through the parking lot, a noticed a few expensive SUVs all with out of state dealer plates on them. I didn’t think much of it. At a table inside sat a group of people all in Illini gear. They were sharing a local pizza. I made some crack about them having leftovers as I walked by. They gave me some weird looks. I sat there for about an hour not really paying attention to them. They were talking about U of I athletic stuff. The kept saying the name Josh.  I looked over and that was when I realized one of them was U of I Athletic Director Josh Whitman.

Jobu Gets Sick (Content Warning: Cat Poop)

Early Saturday morning I am awoken by the sound of a cat puking. This is not an unusual sound in my household, so I roll over and fall back asleep. Jobu visited me a couple of times during the night, but each time he would start purring, he would make these grumbly tummy sounds and wander off. About six in the morning I awoke again to the sound of puking. I was concerned at this point because he doesn’t puke that much.  I wondered if everything was o..ZZZZZZzz I fell back asleep. When I did finally get up, he was lying in the middle of the floor not moving much. I checked his litter box and he had used it several times and the results were very fluid.  He spent most of the day lying in that spot in the middle of the floor and getting up every two hours to go squirt out something into his litter box At least he made it to the box every time. One of the times he got up I put a bed of his in the spot he was sleeping so he would be more comfortable. He seemed to be doing better and by Sunday he was back to his old running around being annoying self. Now I have a cat bed in the middle of my living room because he has decided that is where he wants to sleep from now on. 

TWTW July 3rd through the 9th: It’s Hot and I Build Something

I had the day off and had things to get done. I went out to pay my rent and then tried to get my hair cut. On my way to pay my rent, I drove by my usual barber. Several people were waiting.  I decided to try back after doing my errands.  Since I was near another place I sometimes use, I drove by it and it had an even bigger wait. Finally, on my way home, I drove by the original place it had even more people.  No haircut for me that day.

I and some friends had agreed that in the afternoon we would help a friend move the new shed he’s bought. We thought we’d get there, move the shed into the backyard, and be done. My friend had bought a big plastic shed and it was in a big box in parts. We moved all the parts into the backyard near where the old shed used to be. Job done. “You start reading the instructions. I’ll get some tools and we can  start putting it together.”  I guess we are building a shed today, I thought. It was 90 degrees F and it took us four hours. Four old men sweated and took many breaks. Once the roof was on,  it got really hot inside the shed. I then turned to one of the final pages of instructions. We were almost done. There was only one picture on that page. It showed the inside of the shed and the 56 screws that we had to put in. So 2 of us went inside of the burning furnace while the other two of us stood outside pulling down on the roof so things would line up properly.  I didn’t take a picture of the final product but it did look nice.

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