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Month: May 2021

TWTW May 17th through the 23rd: If A Branch Falls In The Woods Do I Hear It

I woke up late at night. The weather had been good so I had the window open. The propane factory was going full bore and I lay there listening to the noises. I heard something different and close by. A cracking sound came through my window. It sounded like wood breaking. A big crash then happened. It was close by. I assumed a branch fell in the trees behind the house. I got up but it was too dark to see and even the next day I couldn’t find out which branch had fallen.

I Finish a Puzzle

I Ate IN a Restaurant

TWTW May 10th through the 16th: My House Travels Through Space

I woke up and looked out the window in my bedroom. The house was flying through space. There was a cool looking nebular and some spaceship out their. I realized I was dreaming. I walked out into the hall. Down the stairs was wide open to space. A gold borg cube was coming at my spaceship. I should have been scared. I mean the borg are terrifying, but I realized it was still a dream. I walked into a different bedroom and the wall was gone so that I could see out into space. A spaceship flew around out there.

I had to pee so I started to the bathroom. The hall light was on and the door into my parents room was open. I could see them in there sleeping. I got worried that light might wake them up and remembered it was just a dream. I went into the bathroom and started to pee. Then I remembered it was just a dream and I should really wake up in case I had to actually pee. I woke up and had to pee.

I finished a puzzle. It was a 2000 piece puzzle and took me a long time. It was of Cassis France and was pretty accurate.

TWTW May 3rd through the 9th: A Bird Poops On Me And I Listen To Rain

I got up Sunday and decided to go for a bike ride along the Canal. I had to pump up the tires on my bike. It had been so long since I had ridden it that they had gone completely flat. I think I had ridden it from before the pandemic started so over a year. It was a pleasant if cool ride. I only went about 8 miles total. At one point I scared a bird and it flew away. It also pooped right in the middle of my pants.

That night it started to rain about bedtime. I love listening to the rain, so even though it was cold I cracked the window by my bed so I could hear the rain. It rained all night long. Some light thunder woke me up and I heard the comforting rain and rolled over and fell back asleep. I awoke around five and had to pee. The rain lulled me back sleep. I woke up about seven, time to get up, but that soothing rain was still going on, so I went back to sleep.

After I woke up from the rain, I went to Mom’s for Mothers day. Brought her flowers and made her breakfast.

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