TWTW November 26th through December 2nd: I Find The End Of The Rainbow And A Package Never Arrives

These weekly posts that are supposed to go out on Tuesday keep getting later.  I have such a busy and exciting life.

Not the rainbow I saw

Saturday it was really warm for November, 60 but stormy. I went for a walk. During the middle of my walk it started pouring down big drops of really cold rain. I pulled my hood over my head and trudged through. Despite the pouring rain the sun shined down.  I started looking around for the rainbow. Then I found it. Not far away in the sky.  It started in front fo a tree about 20 feet from me and then curled around to end about 4 feet in front of me. I had found the end of the rainbow. I looked but I couldn’t find the pot of gold.

Sunday morning I got a text that a package I had ordered from amazon was out for delivery. I would get it that day.  I checked the tracking and they had a cool map. You could see where the truck was and how many packages before mine came.  Next time I checked it said my package was almost here. I was the next step. The map showed the. truck literally 40 feet from my door.

About 45 minutes later I realized my package hand’t come. I checked the front door, nope. I checked the mailbox, nope.  The tracker no longer had the map but still said out for delivery arriving today. Three hours later and still non package.  The tracker still said out for delivery.  Late that night I checked again and it said, “We are sorry your package was not delivered on time. We are working on the problem.”  I assume they forgot to put it on the truck.

It came the next day.

TWTW November 12th through the 18th: Jobu Acts Annoying

As I have documented, Jobu has a bad habit of waking me up when I try to sleep.  I woke one early morning to Jobu whining. It was louder and more incessant than his normal whine.  I mostly try to ignore his attempts to disturb my sleep but I got worried that something was actually wrong.

I climbed out of bed “What’s wrong Jobu? What’s wrong?”

Jobu slowly walked out of the room and I followed. He went into the kitchen to his food dish and looked at me begging. There was still food in his dish. It was about a quarter full.

“Really? You woke me up for this?”

He looked at me “Daddy I’m going to die.”

I sighed and filled his food dish.

He sniffed the fresh food and gave me a look like, I don’t want this. Then he walked away.

A couple of days later I was sleeping in late and the whining started.  “DADDY DADDY GET UP TERRIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING!”

I get up and he walks past me and jumps on the bed to curl up where I had been sleeping. I guess I was getting up. Two minutes later he comes out of the bedroom and curls up in his cat bed.

TWTW October 29th through November 4th: I Get A Fever And Dream Of Cubes

Saturday night I was unusually tired and went to sleep early. Just a little after ten pm and it was time change day so I’d probably be awake really early. I had plans to drive up to Chicago for a lunch and to see my parents. I woke up at about 2 and went to the bathroom. I was amazed how cold it was and I was getting chills. Back under the blankets everything was super warm. I had some dreams I didn’t remember and woke up again just an hour or so later. I got up to pee again. It was all cold again and I had chills and it was hard to maintain my balance. After climbing back into the warm bet I wondered if maybe I had a fever.

There were four big cubes of different colors. I had to get the cubes all together properly so I could get out. I could control the cubes but the cubes could control me. I kept trying to get the cubes right so I could get out. I got them all in a square that formed a bigger cube but then there was a giant.

I awoke in a pool of sweat. I went into the bathroom and checked my temperature.. Yep I had a fever. I went back to bed where thankfully I didn’t dream of anymore cubes.