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Month: July 2018

TWTW July 23rd through the 29th: Suddenly Fall And A Fake Dog Is Sad In The Rain

Most of the Northern Hemisphere experienced a heat wave this week. Here in Illinois it suddenly turned into fall. The high temps were mostly in the mid-70s and the days were rainy and overcast. I had planned to go for a bike ride on Sunday but it ended up raining almost all day. So instead, I went for a long long walk.  I got soaking wet. Good times.

On Saturday, someone had thrown out a large stuffed dog. It sat next to the dumpster looking sad. the poor thing wasn’t dirty or torn. I put it where more people could see it hoping someone would give it a good. home. Sunday when I went for my walk I noticed somebody had put it back near the dumpster. It sat there all wet looking sad 🙁 

TWTW July 16th through the 22nd: I Think Jobu Died

Jobu usually greets me at the door when I come home. The only time this isn’t true is if I come home at an odd time and he is in a deep sleep. One night last week I came home from being out at a very normal time. Jobu didn’t greet me at the door. I looked over at the chair where he was sleeping. It was shrouded in darkness and difficult to see, but I there he was curled up not moving. “Jobu, you gonna come greet daddy,” I said in a soft voice while taking off my shoes. He didn’t move. “Jobu?” He still didn’t move. That’s when it hit me, oh no he’s dead. I yelled out louder, “Jobu!” His head popped up and he blinked at me. “Oh Human I am old.”  He jumped down and stretch a few times before slowly walking over to me.  Jobu is old.

TWTW July 9th through the 15th: We Get Weather And Toads Jump

Bonus Unrelated Jobu Pic

I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I love weather of almost any kind. I love snow and rain. I don’t think I could survive someplace like Hawaii where it is almost the same every day. It was fun to visit for a bit but day after day of the same would drive me mad.

Early Saturday morning my phone notification binged at me. I assumed it was one of my apps and rolled over and went back to sleep.  When I woke up properly I checked. It was a weather warning for excessive heat to last most of the day. I didn’t have anything planned for outside so I didn’t worry about it. As I went about my morning routine I heard a rumbling noise. Was that a truck?  I little bit later I heard it again. Is that thunder? Huh?  At that moment I got a text from a friend. They had gone out golfing early to beat the weather. He worried about a lot of noise coming from the west. I checked the weather and responded “Much bob very angry” It soon stormed and rained. It stayed cloudy and drizzly all day. We never did get close to that heat warning.

The next day there was a nice little shower going on. I love walking in the rain so I went out. About a mile from my house it turned into a downpour.  I got soaked but I had fun splashing in the puddles. Yes, I am a child.

Since I live near a retention ditch/pond we get a new crop of toads/frogs every year. (I don’t know what the difference is. They are little reptilian things that hop) Because of the wet weather, there were a lot of little young toads about. They were about the size of a dime. The odd things is the tiny ones can leap as far as the big ones. So there were all these tiny dime size toads leaping and bouncing about a foot all over the sidewalk. I tried not to scare them.

TWTW July 2nd through the 8th: I Make Pesto And Jobu Wants Snuggles

My balcony garden has been coming along nicely. Lots of tomatoes and peppers on the big plants and my herbs have been growing like weeds. I decided to use some of my giant amount of basil to make pesto. It was my first time ever trying to make it myself. I came out pretty well though I think I used too much cheese. Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

Early one morning I awoke to being stabbed in the back over and over by a cats paw. It was way too early for treats. I wasn’t going to get up just to provide some whim of Jobu’s. He could suck it up and deal. I refused to roll over and pretended to be asleep. He stopped poking me and let out a big sigh. I had won. Jobu could wander away and not bother me anymore. He pressed against my back and laid down. He just wanted snuggles. I rolled over and petted him. His purrs filled the room as I fell back asleep.

TWTW June 25th through July 1st: Summer Becomes Summer

In our last installment I explained how Summer started mild and we had a wonderful cool weekend. Well that didn’t last. Summer got very hot and very humid. The humidity just saps the energy out of ya.  After doing almost anything outside I feel like a need a shower then a nap. I often walk to the bowlling alley or Buffalo Wild Wings for some food. I have had to take an extra shirt to put on after the less than a mile walk because I end up sweating do much. 

Music Monday: Haux – Seaside

This song makes me cry

Weightless We hold ourselves We’re breaking downWe’re on the ledge And if you don’t know why Or if you can’t tell him Or if your old heart is fading… We can make for the seaside Run until our lungs cave in

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