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Month: September 2018

TWTW September 17th through the 23rd: I Walk In A Painting

I went for my usual evening walk about sunset. As I turned the corner to the path that runs along the fields, I stopped in wonder. I looked at a real life watercolor painting. Everything was soft edges and colors that didn’t seem, natural. The picture above doesn’t do it justice. I took several pictures. I even tried a video to capture the scene. I wasn’t the only one noticing this wondrous display. I couple of people were sitting at a bench gazing out over the field. A pair of cyclists stopped on the path to look at the sunset.

TWTW September 10th through the 16th: I Learn What CVT Means

As I’ve mentioned before I have a new (to me) car. A 2015 Honda Fit that used to be my Moms. It has an automatic 7 speed transmission, or so I thought. If you put it in drive it works like any other transmission. It also has paddle shifters that you can go 1-7 with. I don’t use them. Right below the D for drive is an S,  I assume for sport. I tried out the sport mode. not sure what to expect. First thing I noticed was how noisy the engine kept being. And it did have a lot of pull when you stepped on the gas. That’s when I realized it wasn’t shifting gears. The engine got to about 3k revs and it just stayed there no matter what speed. I found out my car has a CVT.  I don’t really like it. It doesn’t drive like what I am used to. Not shifting just seems weird and since it keeps the engine revving higher it uses more gas.

TWTW September 3rd through the 9th: It’s Dark, It’s Raining, I Have A Bag Of Tomatoes And It’s Half A Mile To Buffalo Wild Wings

A friend of mine loves to garden and he always plants way too much, so this time of year I get free fresh produce. He told me he had some tomatoes for me.

I went over to his place on Saturday. Saturday the remnants of a hurricane were traveling through the area. We were under a flash flood warning and it rained most of the day. I walked through the rain and he gave me a plastic bag full of ripe delicious tomatoes.

I walked over to the bowling alley to have dinner. They have great nachos. They have a very strict no outside food policy. I couldn’t imagine them giving me guff about a bag of tomatoes.

I ate the delicious nachos and walked over to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a college football game with some friends. After the game, a friend was going to give me a ride home. On the way out a realize something, “Dude, where is my bag of tomatoes?” “What tomatoes?” he asked. “My bag of tomatoes.” I head back to where we are sitting looking around and can’t find the bag. “I can’t believe someone stole my bag of tomatoes.”  “You didn’t have a bag of tomatoes.”  That’s when I realized I must have left them at the bowling alley.

My friend drove me over to the bowling alley but they were closed. “I was gonna make salsa with those tomatoes.”  I remembered something. I walked to the side door and looked in a little angle back by where the AC units were.  Yep, there was my wet bag of tomatoes.  I had hidden it there so they wouldn’t yell at me for outside food.

The next day, I used the tomatoes and my homegrown habanero peppers to make salsa.

TWTW August 27th through September 2nd: How To Grow Poison And Other Gardening Tips

As I have mentioned many times I grow things on my balcony. I got 8 pots out there growing various things.  I left 2 unplanted for the early catnip crop to come in. Jobu wanders out and noms a lot on those.  The rest are planted with tomatoes, peppers, and herbs.  I noticed some weeks growing up with the tomato plant. Being lazy I didn’t bother to take them out. I just let them grow. I noticed they were producing perfect round little berries that turned a dark color.  I have a horticulturist friend, so I took some picture like the one below and showed them to him. From the blurry pictures he guessed it was nightshade.  After a little research I became convinced. I thought about trying some micro dosing since nightshade in small quantities can be a hallucinogenic. See if I got get my trip on.  ( I didn’t really consider this ) Then I remembered Jobu likes to hang out on the balcony and Jobu is VERY VERY stupid. I could imagine him going out there and thinking.. nommy nommy poison.. oh me dead.  So I tore out the nightshade. 

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