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Month: February 2015

Jobu and the water dish: that boy aint right

I had noticed recently that the water in Jobu’s water dish had been dirty so much that I was dumping it out and putting fresh water in everyday.  I am used to finding the occasional toy mousy in the dish defiling the water but this was new. Bits of cat litter and just other junk kept showing up in the water. I didn’t worry. I just kept putting fresh water in everyday.

Then the mystery was solved. I saw him over by his water dish and peaked my head around.  He was dipping his paw into the water dish and then licking the water off his paw. I stared at him for a few seconds with a “what are you doing?” expression on my face. He noticed me watching and then got a guilty look on his fuzzy face.  He put his wet paw back on the floor and started drinking like a normal cat.  That boy aint right.

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