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Month: August 2019

TWTW August 12th Throught 18th: I Get Assaulted By Insects

This is the latest I have ever posted a TWTW. I have less than an hour left until I should post the next one. I’ve been busy.. That’ll be the focus of next weeks TWTW.

I went to bed and wrapped myself the blanket, making sure to cover all exposed skin. I would not be assaulted this night. At some time during the night my right foot must have slipped out from under it’s protection. I had 6 mosquito bites on that foot. I did a lot of itching.

On my left arm I had what started out looking like a mosquito bite. Then it got bigger. Then it turned yellow in the middle and some stuff oozed out. It barely hurt or itched. I think a spider bit me during the night. I am under assault by insects.

TWTW July 22nd Through the 28th: Jobu Tries To Get My Attention

I woke in the middle of the night and lay there half asleep. Jobu with his magic, I know when Daddy is up, power sensed this and decided to get my attention for something. He probably wanted yet more treats. He starts meowing. I tell myself to ignore him and breath slowly. I tried to make him think I had fallen back asleep.

He decided the bast way to get my attention is to change up his meowing. So each time he meows he altered it. He tried high pitched and low pitched. Long meows and short meows. To quick little whining meows in a row.

Throughout this I am lying there trying to keep a slow breathing pretend I am asleep thing going. I couldn’t keep it together and just started laughing at him. I never did get up and still don’t know what he wanted.

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