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TWTW January 22nd through the 29th: I Get Better And I Ask Alexa For The Weather

When last we met, I was going to bed feeling feverish and sick. I expected to call into work sick the next morning. I woke up early and felt perfectly fine.  I lay there amazed at how quickly the sickness passed. I got up and fed the cat. It became readily apparent that I was not fine. I was feverish and weak and had trouble standing up. I called in sick and went back to bed. I slept until 11 am.  I was up for a couple of hours and then took a 2 hour nap. I didn’t start feeling better until late Tuesday.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it on here, but I got an Alexa talky thing for Christmas. I haven’t found it super useful yet. I  mostly use it to play music through a bluetooth speaker. I have found one inspiring/depressing thing to do with it during the frigid Illinois winter.

Me- Weather, please?
Alexa- It is currently 7 degrees (F)
Me- Sigh… Weather Nice France?
Alexa- In Nice France it is currently 54 degrees (F)
Me- MEGA SUPER SIGH! Thank you.

My 500th Post!!!!

This momentous occasion almost passed by without notice. About 30 posts ago I looked at the count and saw that 500 was closing in. Then just the other day I looked at my blogger dashboard and saw  
I was glad I caught it before it just went by as another Music Monday. I thought about making my half written and incoherent look back at 2017 as my 500th post, but I am not sure that will ever see the light of the internet. 
As I said in my 400th post, I am pretty sure this is the longest I’ve kept up doing something in my life. Now I  have done it for another 100. In fact, early this year will be the 5 year anniversary of this version of my blog. Unless you subtract the 6 month hiatus I took in 2014, but I don’t know if you subtract those.  
I am not going to announce any grand plans for the future of this blog. I just hope to keep writing.  

I do want to add a note. In a year, 2017, in which I didn’t really write anything interesting the reader numbers on this blog went up significantly.  Maybe that’s the secret to successful blogging. Don’t make quality content just post on the exact same days every week.  

TWTW January 15th through the 21st: I Get Sick And I Get Tired

I Get Sick

Anybody keeping up with the news has to be aware that this year has been bad for the flu. Many people have been getting the flu and it’s been strong. I know more than one person who has been hospitalized because of it. Up until this weekend, I had been blessed with a flueless winter. That changed on Friday night, or so I thought. I felt tired so I stayed home to watch the Illini basketball game. I started feeling worse, hot, sweaty.  I looked in the mirror and my face and neck were flush. I ascribed these symptoms to witnessing the horrible basketball being played by the Illini. I went to bed and lay there feeling sort of feverish.  
I woke up Saturday feeling fine. In fact, I felt good all day Saturday.
Halfway through Sunday was when things turned again. At first, I thought my nausea was caused by the refs handing the Patriots another trip to the Super Bowl. It soon became obvious that my condition was not the result of the NFL being rigged. I got a fever and became achy and tired. I went to bed and fell into a restless sleep. 

I Get Tired

I remember a few years ago everybody worried about people become depressed by reading social media. I think they even came up with a term for the condition. People would read social media and see the perfect lives people claimed to have on facebook or pinterest and then feel bad that their life didn’t live up to that perfection. I have never experienced that on social media. In fact, my experience is largely the opposite. Social media seems to be a place where horrible, dishonest, hateful, bigoted people go to proudly proclaim their dishonesty, hatefulness, and bigotry while having pissing matches over who is the most dishonest, hateful, and bigoted person. I have a friend who described the comment sections of blogs/news sites as ignorance or idiot aggregators. I don’t remember the exact wording. It seems that all of social media has become idiot aggregators.
This rant was brought on by me reading the comments to an online article. The article was poor. It contained factual errors and had the general lack of quality that infects most online reporting. I went to the comments hoping to see someone correcting the errors in it. I think I managed four comments before closing the tab in anger. The first comment was vilely hateful. The reply comments were people trying to outdo the hate of the first comment. I had to shake my head and just wonder if these people had any self-awareness. Did they have any conception at all of how horrible they sounded? This happens to me at least once every single day.
My problem might be that I use reddit and twitter a lot. A solution would be for me to just not read this stuff, but then I would lose the easy access to me feeling smug superiority to others.

TWTW January 8th through the 14th: Never Give Up Never Surrender

I Get An Ouchy

I am not sure how I did it but I injured my rib. I think it might have been a Saturday ago when I moved some furniture around in my apartment. It doesn’t hurt most of the time, just sometimes when I cough or roll over in bed. It’s not nearly as bad as the time I tore a muscle eight years ago. I found that Bio Freeze spray does wonders.

The Weird People Made a Flat Planet to Confuse the People on the Normal Planet

When we flew out in our rocket into space, we realized that the weird alien guys from Dark City had been running an experiment on our planet. There was a normal spherical planet but the weird aliens had mad a flat version of that planet right next to it. Our spaceship was rushing toward the sun which was the ceiling. We had to abandon the ship and head back to the planet before it was too late. We launched four of the crew members but me and another person staid until it was almost too late.  When he jettisoned off in our space suits we were so close I could touch the ceiling. We used our jet to send us back to the planet before we got too far away from its gravity. On the way back we got caught for a bit in the gravity of the planet’s three moons that all seemed really close to each other.  We escaped that made sure we headed to the real spherical planet and not the fake flat one the aliens had made.  I woke up.

The Minnesota Vikings Follow Galaxy Quests advice

TWTW January 1st through the 7th 2018: New Year Old You

2018 dawned on a very cold Monday. I ventured out into the frozen wasteland to get some food but other than that Jobu and I snuggled and stayed warm.  The rest of the week was just as cold. It didn’t get remotely warm until Sunday when it finally got over freezing. My days consisted of going to work and then staying home and trying to keep warm. I think Jobu was getting sick of me always being around. My friend texted me a couple of times with “You wanna go out?” I replied with the temperature every time.

Music Monday: My Favorite And Most Popular MM Posts Of 2017

My Personal Favorite Music Monday Posts of 2017 In Order They Were Posted

TWTW December 25th through the 31st: Christmas Gets Cancelled, Elves Sing, And Its Cold

Traditionally Christmas for me is very much a family thing. Everybody gets together and we have big meals etc. Not so much this year. My family was all dispersed. There was no get together.  Christmas ended up being just Jobu and I. I don’t buy Jobu presents.  My gift to him each year is putting up with him.
My mom was back home for New Years eve weekend so I did head up and see my parents then and exchanged gifts. I also saw Elf the musical on New Year’s Eve. I have never seen the movie and neither had several people at the play. I really enjoyed it. I highly recommend you see it if you get the chance.

It got really cold later in the week. In fact, as I was driving home New Year’s Eve I watched the thermometer on my car drop and drop.  It was like I was driving through a pocket of cold air. It went down to minus nine F. I had the heat on full blast and the car was getting colder. Ice began forming on the inside of the windows and I started to think I might need to put my gloves back on. I few miles later the temp climbed all the way up to a balmy -2.

Here’s the soundtrack to Elf the Musical

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