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Month: October 2013

Music Monday: Poets of the Fall – Late Goodbye

I first heard this song in the credits for  the video game Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
If you follow me on twitter you know I love to quote the Max Payne games:

“Vlad was right. There are no choices. Nothing but a straight line. The illusion comes afterwards, when you ask ‘Why me?’ and ‘What if?’ when you look back; see the branches, like a pruned bonsai tree, or a forked lightning.
If you had done something differently, it wouldn’t be you – it would be someone else looking back, asking a different set of questions.”

Guest Post: Jobu again

Hello internet peoples.  This is Jobu back at my daddy’s keyboard again to tell you about my favorite subject: me.

jobu on shirts
My five favorite things are:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Eating
  3. Snuggling
  4. Playing
  5. Sleeping
Daddy calls me many nicknames:
  1. Fuzz head
  2. Wittle Smush
  3. NO!

Things I am scared of:

  1. vacuum
  2. washer
  3. dryer
  4. random noises
  5. invisible monsters

    I know I can never catch the red dot. I just like chasing it.

    I like to pester my daddy all the time to let me out so I can chew on the catnip plants he grows for me.  I even like going out there when it is raining or snowing.

    Daddy made  a video about me on the internet where he said mean things.

    Bored now.  Jobu out.

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