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Month: August 2017

TWTW August 14th through the 20th: We Need Rain

Someday this week I looked at the local paper. They had rain totals for local communities. Under my town, it said N/A  as in not applicable as in none, zero. That night we did get a little drizzle but not enough to do anything.

Sadly these clouds did not bring rain

The lack of rain has taken a toll on our local drainage pond. For the first time in the 5 years it has been there it is almost dried up.  The pair of herons (Note: they might not actually be herons. I don’t really know birds ) who live in the pound have had to stand in smaller and smaller puddles of water.

Almost dried out pond

I went out with my camera and got a few pictures of them. After a couple of shots, they got spooked and flew away.





TWTW July 31st through August 6th: The Tale of New Tech

A New Work Laptop

I think it was Thursday, maybe it was Wednesday when I was informed by one of our IT people that there was a recall on my work laptop. The battery could swell and explode. That seems like something that should be dealt with. So I got new work laptop. I liked the industrial design of the older one better. It was a dell and had a really nice build quality ( well except for the battery issue) and a good screen. The new is faster but bigger and it just feels cheaper. 

I Get  A New Point and Shoot Camera

I also recently got a cheap point and shoot camera. Yes, they do still exist. I took a few pictures to test it out.  The macro shots aren’t too bad.

Comparison pic from my really old iphone

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