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Month: April 2021

TWTW 22nd through the 28th: A Journey That Began Summer 2007

I Get a big nocturnal visitor

A Long Journey Ends

A long journey began in the summer of 2007. It began with the words “My name is Michael Weston, and I used to be a spy.”

For several years I caught every episode of Burn Notice I could get. But I never did watch the final season. I am not sure why. Maybe I never wanted the show to end. The whole series is available on Amazon prime so I started once again from episode. It felt like traveling back in time. Motorola Razors( the old ones) were cool cutting edge technology. I surprised myself with how many episodes and even individual lines I remembered. I finally watched the whole thing.

I didn’t enjoy the final season nearly as much as the earlier episodes. Many people will point out that the final season lost it’s Michael helps a person of the week format. That’s not the big difference in my opinion. I went back and watched the very first episode and it was pure fun. Everything was done with a wink and a smirk. The final season was just dark and angsty . It had lost its fun.

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