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Month: December 2017

TWTW December 18th through the 24th: I Get Inceptioned And It Snows

I was sleeping in a bed I have never been in, in a room I have never been in, in a house that didn’t exist. Suddenly someone was in the bed with me and kept kicking me until I fell off the end of the bed. I got angry, jumped on the bed and started punching the person in the face. I realized I was dreaming and tangled up in my blankets. I forced myself to wake up. I was laying in my own bed. The owner of the local bowling alley was in the living room getting ready to interview some people for a job. Somebody I didn’t know was in my bedroom and they said something stupid I couldn’t remember. I yelled out, “That’s a really stupid thing to say.” This woke me up. I was stilled tangled up in my sheets but the guy in the bedroom was gone. The owner of the bowling alley was still in the living room. He helpfully told me that he was putting the candidates in the green room so we could interview them later. There was a SPLOOSH of a cat sneeze and I woke up in my own bed. The bed was real. Jobu was real. I was actually awake. I had inceptioned myself.

On Sunday it snowed. I love snow. Sadly it got really cold after that.

TWTW December 11th through the 17th: I Become Social Media Famous

A controversial call near the end of Sundays Pittsburgh Steelers versus New England Patriots game help decide the game in the favor of the Patriots.  Very shortly after the game ended I tweeted.

I’d like to congratulate the refs on winning the #NEvsPIT game.

— wonky73 (@wonky73) December 18, 2017

This tweet must have been seen and retweeted by somebody like a sports personality, cause it exploded.  Now in the past, when I have written snarky or funny comments about a sports game and used the popular hashtag, I’ve gotten around ten retweets and some likes. Currently, this tweet has 297 retweets, 689 likes, and over 80000 people have seen it. I look forward to getting my internet money in the mail.

The funniest part to me is that the call was correct. As they were showing the replays during the review I realized it wasn’t a catch according to the stupid rule. I just hate the Patriots.

TWTW December 4th through the 10th: I Poke Jobu In The Head

Early Saturday morning, about 4 am, I am happily asleep laying on my side. I awoke to a cats paw with the claws slightly extended being repeatedly rammed into my forehead. BANG BANG BANG!  I pushed my anger aside and pulled the covers up over my head.  The paw assault stopped and I slept the rest of the night mostly in peace.
The next afternoon I walked into the bedroom and what do I see? Jobu is curled up asleep in the middle of the bed with his fuzzy little head exposed. I started poking him with my finger right in the center of his forehead. He woke up, sniffed my finger, and gave me a look like “What are you doing?” I let him go back to sleep satisfied I had gotten my revenge 🙂

TWTW November 27th through December 3rd: A Sunset Says Goodbye Or Hello

Monday was the funeral for my Grandpa. It was a sad, simple, and beautiful experience. My mom told some stories about him. On the way home I looked over to the west and saw the sky on fire with one of the most wonderful sunsets I have ever seen. At about the same time my mom had returned to the cemetery to pick up some flowers that had been left there. She saw the same sunset and took the picture above.  The earth saying goodbye and heaven saying hello.

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