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Month: May 2019

TWTW May 20th through the 26th: My Phone Takes Desperate Measures To Leave Me

I should have realized my phone no longer wanted to be with me when it ran off in my friends car last week. After being back together for a week it decided on desperate measures to get away from me. As I walked down the sidewalk I put my phone back in my pocket. I felt it slide comfortably into its familiar spot. But it had other ideas. I heard a loud thud. My phone lay face down on the sidewalk. I thought it would be fine. I had dropped it before and it had a good case that had always protected it. I was wrong. The screen had several cracks radiating across it. My next twtw post will be about a new phone.

TWTW May 13th through the 19th: Toads Fall From The Sky, And My Phone Goes Walkabout

Not Mine Mine was blue

For about four years I have had one of those fabric folding chairs folded up on my balcony. I may have sat in it twice. I had bought them 2 for 1 and for some reason just left that one outside to rot. I looked over at its sad self leaning against the corner of the balcony. The sun and weather had not been kind. The color was all faded and the fabric worn thin. I decided to put it out of its misery and throw it away. I unfolded it out of curiosity. As I expected it had a bunch of detritus in it. Old rotten leaves and twigs and some dead insect husks. What I didn’t expect was the dead toad body. How did a dead toad get up onto my second floor balcony? I thought. Then it hopped. How did a live toad get up to my second floor balcony? I thought. I came up with two possibilities. During a storm, the toad got picked up from the nearby retention pond and deposited on my balcony, or possibly it happened when it was a tadpole. There would have been water in the folded up chair. I released the toad into the wild and threw the chair away

My phone goes walkabout

I was hanging out with my friend at the bowling alley. The place was dead that night. When we left at ten we were the only costumers there. My friend drove me home. About a half hour later I decided I wanted to finish listening to a podcast on my phone. I grabbed my bluetooth headphones I had in my pocket and went for my phone. I couldn’t find my phone. My headphones couldn’t connect to the phone meaning it was’t near by. I knew I had it at the bowling alley. So either it was in my friends car or at the bowling alley. I walked over to the bowling alley. It was only eleven and they are supposed to stay open till midnight. When I got there the doors were locked. Instead of heading home I walked to the Buffalo Wild Wings hoping maybe my friend had gone for a late night snack and i could search his car. He wasn’t there when I got there. Distraught and phone less I went home.

The next morning I headed out to the bowling alley as soon as they opened. The guy who had been working the night shift was there. He hadn’t found any phone while he had been cleaning. I checked out everywhere the phone might have been but didn’t find it. I also did the bluetooth headphone trick but they never connected. On the way home On my way home I realized I had been stupid. I could just use a find my phone feature.

I googled, “find my phone”. It found it, told me it had 70% battery life, and it was sitting in a parking space outside a bar downtown. I assumed my buddies car must be parked there. I drove down there but his car wasn’t there. It was near lunchtime so I thought maybe he went somewhere so I went home. The find my phone thing still said the phone was in the exact same place. And it said it’s location had just been found. I waited for about an hour and kept checking. The location staid the same. I drove down there again. This time I slowly went down all the nearby side streets looking for his car. After not finding it again, I drove home. I checked the location exact same place.

I knew there was a bar up that way that my friend said he liked to stop in before heading home. So I drove up that way again. This time I parked and walked along all the side streets looking around trying to find the phone. I even brought the bluetooth headphones. No luck. I stopped into the bar the space was right in front of. Nobody had turned in or found a phone. I went around the corner to the bar my friend goes to. (kinda dive really). No phone.

When I got home I started to research new phones. I suddenly realized I had a way to contact my friend. Ali probably had my friends number in his phone. So I went down there and he did. I texted my friend and waited. He showed up a half hour later. A quick search of his car found the phone in between the seat and the center console. My baby was back. My friend admitted he had parked in that spot when he went to the dive bar. Why google kept insisting it was still there confused me. It kept telling me it was found just then right at that spot.

TWTW May 6th through the 12th: Avengers Assemble

No spoilers ahead. Kinda a spoiler but I can now claim to the physique of Thor the god of thunder.

I finally managed to see Avengers Endgame. My super power is the ability to not have popular movies spoiled. I had no idea what to expect going in. I am glad I didn’t since it was very entertaining and not what I expected.

TWTW: I Get New Computer Bits And Say GoodBye To A Faithful Companion

Random pretty pic

I have been using the same gaming computer since late 2011. I’ve upgraded a few things. I bought a newer video card a few years ago. I finally decided it was time for an upgrade. I got a new motherboard, processor, memory, and a super fast ssd.

I used my old case. It took me a while but I finally got everything attached and screwed in. The moment had arrived. I turned it on. Fans started and then “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.” I searched the internet trying to find out what 5 beeps meant. The answer was not encouraging, CPU error. I tried every fix I could think of or find. I unplugged everything and tried different combinations of plugging things back in. I took out the cpu a couple of times and reinstalled. I took it out of the case. Every time I hit the power button 5 beeps. I was not looking forward to sending stuff back. I took a break. About midnight on page 8 of the google results I found a page for my motherboard that said 5 beeps meant no gpu detected. I hadn’t hooked up my graphics card because the motherboard had built-in graphics and I thought I would add my card later. I plugged in my graphics card and started it up. It worked fine.

In late 2002 one of the greatest pieces of technology was released to the world. The Brother HL-1440 laser printer. The things were tanks. They almost never broke and lasted for 1000s and 1000s of prints. I got one about then and it worked up until this week. I only replaced the toner cartridge once during its almost 20 years of faithful service. That all changed Saturday. I needed to print a couple of pages. The printer made the normal groaning sounds it had been making for the last several years. Then it gave a paper error. I looked for a jam but couldn’t find one. I tried again and got the error. In a hurry, I tried a third time but this time I used the tried and true tech troubleshooting methog. I banged the side of it hard with my fist. It didn’t like that. The groaning sound was replace by screaching and grinding. I feel bad.

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