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Month: February 2018

TWTW February 19th through the 25th: I Get Woken Up By Weather And Jobu Splooshes

I was lying in bed early Monday morning in the dark. I realized a common but forgotten sound had woken me. A rumbling in the distance that was growing closer; a thunderstorm in February. I rolled over and pulled the covers over my ears to suppress the sound.

During the end of the week, I again was awoken by an unusual sound; a cacophonous explosion of splooshes. Over and over again: SPLOOSH SPLOOSH SPLOOSH. Jobu has a kitteh cold. He gets them once or twice a year. I don’t know how he gets them since he lives alone. The cold results in sneezing fits that happen a few times a day, usually, after he has been asleep for awhile.   Like a concerned mother, I grab a kleenex and wipe off the snot. Poor Jobu.

TWTW February 12th through the 18th I Mistakenly Believe Jobu Cares About Me

I woke up on Saturday morning and fed Jobu. I realized I didn’t have anything else really planned for the day. I needed to clean and I wanted to watch some stuff on my DVR.  So I went back to bed. I hadn’t been sleeping well and wanted to take the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I dreamed a lot of dreams and then woke up to a whining Jobu. He was sitting on the bed poking me a little. He seemed very concerned that his Daddy was dead and was never coming back. He seemed to be saying “Are you ok Daddy?” So I petted him and he purred. It was almost 11 am so I decided I should probably get up and start my day. Almost as soon as I got out of bed Jobu curled up in the middle of it and went to sleep. He didn’t care about me he just wanted the bed.

TWTW February 5th through the 11th: It’s Below Freezing And Raining

I make Alexa confuse Jobu

So far my Alexa has been mostly useless which is what I thought it would be. Besides asking it the weather in place I don’t live, I’ve found one other fun thing to do with it. Alexa Meow!  Alexa then plays one of several cats meowing sounds. Jobu gets all excited about his new cat friend and tries to find them. It’s really funny.

Ice makes smashy

A blizzard hit the northern part of the state with many places getting over a foot of snow. Down here in the center we got a tiny dusting of snow to start. Then the weird weather hit. What was weird about it? It was in the mid 20s F but raining. Needless to say, everything got covered in ice. I did not leave my apartment at all on Sunday. I was playing around on my computer when I heard, SMASH! I look outside and one of my neighbors had crashed into the back of a pick-up truck while trying to park. The front end of her little car was all smashed up.  When I looked later I couldn’t even find a scratch on the truck’s bumper. Moral of the story, buy a pick-up truck. 

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