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TWTW February 18th through the 24th: WINDY!

Saturday was unseasonably warm. I think it got up to 50. It rained most of the day but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the weather with long walks. I got up at 2 or 3 in the morning to go pee and I noticed that the building was trying to blow. It was very Windy. We are talking like 35 mph sustained winds with gusts up to 60. The wind lasted most of the day. Lots of things blew down. Luckily my power stayed on all the time.

I also got another solo victory royale in fortnite.

TWTW February 11th through the 18th: I Have Little Housemates

You are all familiar with my main housemate Jobu. But I have had another housemate for about a year. Harry the Hemiptera. He’s lived with me for about a year. I can always tell it’s Harry because at some point he lost a leg and crawls around on five legs. I didn’t see Harry for a while. I assumed the cold got him.

On Saturday I decided to finally clean up my computer desk. I pulled the desk out took everything off and cleaned the area. I came back in the room and standing on top of the blank desk was an Hemiptera. At first I got all excited Harry was back. On closer inspection he had all 6 legs. His antenna twitched at me. “What have you done to my home!?” He crawled back under the desk and I put everything back.

I few days later I saw my new housemate again. A couple of inches away was Harry. He’s still alive and hobbling around on his 5 legs.

TWTW February 4th through the 10th: Garage Broken

The only way into my garage is through the garage door. It has one of those keypad things with a battery that you punch the code into. The cover was frozen shut. I got a screwdriver and managed to force it open. The battery was dead. I had put in a new battery when I got the garage. 9 volt batteries always come in 2 so there has to be another one in the house somewhere. I couldn’t find one. So I tried using the key that unhooks the door from the motor so you can lift the door manually. I manage to get the key jammed into the lock in the middle of the door. At first it wouldn’t turn but eventually I get it to. But nothing happens.
At this point I am cold and my hands hurt from where I hurt my pinky opening the keypad. I decided to just call in and not come to work. I walked into my apartment and look up. I noticed the smoke detector. That will have a 9 volt battery in it. I used that.

Over the weekend I went home and made dogs very happy.

TWTW January 28th through February 2nd: Attack Of The Polar Vortex

SOOOO COLD. If you are reading this in the distant future, know that in the middle of this week a polar vortex descended on the midwest. I am pretty sure that Wednesday was the coldest I have ever experienced. Jobu and I were staying snugly and warm in the apartment. I did decide I should at least experience the supper cold a little bit. So I bundled up and went to throw out the garbage and check the mail. It didn’t actually seem that cold. I mean not much colder than when I had been out when it was about 40 degrees cooler. I had to take off my glove to get my key into the mailbox. My hand didn’t freeze off. About a minute after I got back inside my hand started feeling all warm like my body was trying to warm it back up. 

My coworker came up with a plausible theory. We are only capable of sensing about 0 degrees F so anything below that just feels like 0.  It’s like how my cheese making thermometer only goes up to like 150, anything above that just registers as 150. 

It warmed up a lot by the end of the week and everything got Foggy.


The cold killed my car. Even though it was warmer on Thursday it wouldn’t start. Then it wouldn’t start on Saturday. Looks like the battery is old.

The superb owl was boring. I made some pretty good smokey wings though.

TWTW January 21st though the 27th: Winter

I took this picture walking home one night. It had snowed (obviously) and it was several degrees warmer than it had been when I went out. That happens a lot here during winter. It will be warmer in the middle of the night than during daylight hours. Next week I’ll tell you about the polar vortex we are currently under.

TWTW January14th through the 20th: Icemageddon not really Snowmageddon 2 nope, Jobu loves me not so much

Icemageddon, Not really

During the middle of the week we had dire warnings of Icemageddon. Two nights in a row they told use that freezing rain would cover the land in slippery death. Cars would crash, people would fall, nobody would be able to get to work. Each morning I woke up, and everything was fine.

Snowmageddon 2, Nope

Next up we had Snowmageddon part 2. At first the forecast called for 6-10 inches of snow guaranteed for Friday and Saturday. As the weekend drew closer it got downgraded to 4- 6 inches. But it was still supposed to be a proper blizzard with lots of wind and blowing snow.

I woke up Saturday morning to maybe an inch of snow.. and no more fell. It was windy and got cold but, Worst Blizzard Ever

Jobu Loves Me, Not So Much

I was sitting in my easy chair. I don’t remember if I was watching a tv show or playing a video game, but I had my headphones on and was absorbed I what I was doing. Suddenly a paw gently rested on my shoulder so as not to shock me. Jobu climbed into my lap and purred. He loves me I thought. He then sat on the arm of the chair as I petted him. He wanted to be near me. I was touched. I had to get up and get something. As soon as I stood up he jumped into the center of the chair to curl up and go to sleep. He didn’t love me. He just wanted the chair.

TWTW January 7th through the 13th: Not A Snowmageddon And I Become A Frontiersman


I got all excited. They warned us that probably 8 inches of snow would be falling Friday and Saturday. I waited eagerly for the first snowmageddon of 2019. I awoke to about 4 inches of snow. I nice covering but not quite enough for me. Luckily, they informed me that this was just round 1 and round 2 would come later on Saturday and drop another few inches.




In the afternoon I went for a walk to take some pictures around the area. The roads had all been cleared and it was a fun time. Oddly a bunch of the local businesses were closed. I mean the parking lots were plowed the roads were fine. They missed out on some customers.



The second wave of the snowmageddon ended up being a disappointment. Only about another inch of snow fell.

I still decided to stay home on Sunday and be frontiersee. I made another batch of cheese and some homemade bread.

Inspiring Quote of the Week

It is not enough to have good ideas, you have to act. If you need milk, do not sit on a stool in the middle of a field in the hope that a cow will pass by. -Curtis Grant

400th Post!!!!!!

Well here it is everybody my 400th post since restarting this blog on March 6th 2013

The traditional 100x post celebration gif

That’s more posts in about 4 years than I believe I posted in the entire ten years previously. This may be the longest in my life I have kept up at a hobby.  A lot of these posts are low effort. I mean 52 posts a year are music Mondays, but I really like those posts. I enjoy cataloging interesting music I hear throughout the week. I often go back and listen to old ones. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a little explanation of why I’ve chosen that song.

I have been disappointed with the that was the week posts but I still really like the initial intention. They are meant to be a record of my life so that I can look back in the future and remember. I originally started writing something about every day. Lately it’s become a quickly typed up memory of a single event or two. I want to keep doing them but my try something different. I don’t know if any of you, my few reader, enjoy them at all but they are really for me.
What is the point of the blog? Right now, it is just for me. It is a log of bits of my life. It could be many other things. I could use it to make money and get famous. I could use it to inform and educate; become a real Slackers Guide to Life. If I really wanted to draw some eyeballs I would start up a political blog. I could go either snarky conservative or resistance the evil fascist.    what probably wouldn’t sell would be a dispassionate intelligent look at the complex issues of modern government. That’s the problem my political posts always seem in the middle when people want frothing at the mouth irrationality. I might be better off restarting my tech blog. It shocked me with the views it drew.
Right now, I have only decided for sure on two things going forward. I am not going to stop and I am going to switch back to wordpress at some point in the future. It is just a superior platform.

That was the week: June 8th – 14th 2015

Recently when reading on of the blogs I followed I ended up reading a blog post from way in the past, something like 2006. It was a mundane post about what was going on in their life.  I realized that this person could go back years in their blog and have little remembrances of what their life was like in the past. I’ve decided I’d like to use my blog in that way as well, so that in six years I can look back and remember what I was doing. So am going to write these “That was the week” posts in which I will recap what happened the previous week. I am sure my almost 30 regular readers will find these boring but hey this is my blog.

Note: I didn’t proof read this post. It’s too long and it’s already Wednesday of the next week.

Monday: After work I did my usual Monday outing. This consists of going to the local bowling Alley with some friends and watching whatever sports catch my fancy.  They have the new  Illinois gambling machines there and I usually throw five to ten buck in. I almost always lose but it’s not like I am spending huge money.  My buddy on the other hand seems to be single handily trying to keep the Illinois government afloat.  I have seen him win big $900 or $700 a night. Most nights he loses to the tune of 2 to 3 hundred dollars.

The big news of the night was game 3 of the Stanley cup finals.  Sadly the Lightening won and took a 2-1 game lead in the series.  My prediction of a Hawks win in 5 games shattered. 

Tuesday: This took place over the entire week but I am putting it on Tuesday because that is when it started. I am on a minimalist kick again.  I have been going through old and unused things. If I find something that looks like it has some value I try and sell it on ebay. I had put up some old dvds I hadn’t watched in years. Somebody used the buy it now option on Monday so I packed up the dvds for shipment. Ebay provides a convenient option where you can just buy the USPS shipping label from them print it out and drop off the item. Somehow I screwed up and purchased two identical shipping labels. I only printed out one. I dumped the package in the bin and thought no more about it.

I really looked at my PayPal page and  noticed the two identical charges.  I also saw that the tracking information said the package had never been received by the Post Office.  Each of the shipping labels I purchased had a different tracking number.  One said it had never been use the other said it had been delivered that day. Knowing that PayPal would try to hold onto my money until they could confirm delivery, I looked for a way to update the tracking number to the one I actually used. I finally found a way to do that but I had to use the old PayPal interface. I then looked for a way to try and get a refund for the unused shipping label.  It turns out that if a shipping label isn’t scanned after five days ebay gets refunded the money which they then refund to your PayPal account.  Allegedly,  I am still waiting for my refund.

Wednesday: It was a pretty big day around the wonky house.  First Wednesday is my standing trivia night. I meet a bunch of people at the local Buffalo Wild Wings and we play trivia against each other.  We used to have live trivia but the guy who ran that moved away. We just play the Buzztime games.

More importantly it was game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. With trivia over I went home between the second and third periods with the game tied 1-1. I watched the rest of the game on my computer while doing some other stuff. The Hawks took an earlier 2-1 lead.  They managed to hold on and win but the last minute was some of the most nerve racking hockey I have ever watched.  My heart raced the entire time. The Lightening had several excellent chances but they could not put the biscuit in the basket. Look here for a story and short video about the game.

Thursday – Friday:  Both days were nice and boring.  I would come home from work and was quite happy to just hang out at home.

Saturday: The big day of the week. I had a lot to do.  I needed to be up at Medinah Country Club for a wedding reception by six o’clock. It’s about a three hour drive so I wasn’t in much of a hurry. I had plenty of time. My plan was to get up, maybe go for a walk, maybe clean a bit, have lunch and then set off. The forecast was calling for some storms so I thought I might have to work around them.

Having time I went for a walk.  When I got home a started cleaning a little and I turned on the dishwasher. I got sucked into reading old blogs. I started going through my blog reader and looking at now defunct blogs, reading old posts from years ago, and then following links and to other blogs. I realized I needed to take a shower, but I couldn’t because I had just run the dishwasher which uses up all the hot water. I would have to wait about an hour.  That was still fine. Plenty of time left. I decided to make up some homemade pancakes to eat.  I had all the ingredients I thought.  Oops no butter, and my measuring cups and spoons were in the dishwasher still.  I had to eat something so I hoped in my car and drove to a local fat (yes that is intentional) food establishment. I got back home and I still had five hours to get to the reception.  I took my shower, threw my stuff in the car and took off.  I got to my parents which was 2/3 of the way. I put on my suit.  Trust me. I looked goooood.

I arrived at the beautiful and historic Medinah Country club to act as the plus one.  I am often the plus one. It’s a great way to get good and free food 🙂 I had a good time at the reception and it seemed like most people did.

The reception happened to coincide with game 5 of the Stanley cup playoffs. I had installed an app on my phone so I could keep up with the action. That wasn’t necessary because he DJ said he would break in with updates on the game. And that he did.  When the Hawks won I saw something I hadn’t really considered would happen at a wedding. The bad quality video below shows people dancing to Chelsea Dagger celebrating the Hawks victory. At this point the series was 3-2 with the Hawks no needing only one win to get their third Stanley Cup in five years.
This video doesn’t work

Sunday: I woke up at my parents house and hung out with my Parents. I did my usual run to McDonalds for breakfast that I do when I am home.  My mom went out shopping while I stayed to take care of my dad. While out she learned that a friend, Henry, had had his van t-boned.  She picked him up and we had an early dinner.  On the drive home I had to go through a really nasty downpour. I was not shocked to learn of flash flood warning in that part of the state.

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