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TWTW April 6th through the 12th: I Get Older And Confused

I Get Older

I turned very old this week. I don’t feel old. It’s funny I still just feel like me. I’d guess myself to be in my late 20s. That is until I try and do something physical.

I Get Confused By A Blinky Light

I was talking to my mom one night on the phone. I walked around my darkened bedroom when I noticed the flash of a led. I started looking around for which electronic device was blinking. Was it the tablet I use as an alarm clock? Nope. Was it the tv? Nope. The oddest thing was it kept moving. I would look in one spot and it would be reflected by the dresser. The next time it would be by the window. My confusion grew. Maybe it was my phone in my pocket somehow. Nope. Then it finally hit me. I was wearing a blue tooth ear piece. I’ve taken to wearing a it since I got tire of holding the phone up to my ear. The blue led flashes when it’s connected to a call.

I Get Confused By A Coffee Pot

I got everything ready for my morning coffee and pushed the button to turn on the coffee pot. About fifteen minutes later, I remembered and went to get my coffee. Only one problem. No coffee. It hand’t brewed. It wasn’t plugged in. I had unplugged it to clean it. So I plugged it back in pushed the button and walked away. I came back about ten minutes later and still now coffee. What? A plug was clearly going into the socket. Had I tripped a breaker. then I realized I had plugged in the crock pot and not the coffee maker. I’m in my prime.

TWTW March 30th through April 5th: I Lose My Tums

I have a tub of tums. Well generic tums actually. One of the good things about restaurants been closed is I have been eating home cooked food. This means I haven’t had much heartburn. But one night I think I had a frozen pizza. As I watched TV I started having heartburn. I reached over for the Tums. They weren’t there. I looked around. Then I remembered that the night before I had moved them, somewhere. I started looking. I couldn’t find them. I looked upstairs. I looked in the bathrooms. I looked everywhere. They just up and disappeared. I eventually found them hiding behind my tv. I had set them there while looking out the back porch.

TWTW February 3rd through the 9th: Bison And A Horse Oh My

As I drove down Monday morning, I looked over at a passing farm and notice a few large brown cows in a small pen. Some really really big brown cows. Those aren’t cows they’re bison. I don’t know if you have ever seen a bison but they are huge, way bigger than cows. The thing that struck me was how short the fence that enclosed them was. It barely came to their knees. They could bust right through that thing.

A few more miles down the road, I saw a horse. That doesn’t sound strange right. Lots of people have horses out in the country. This one caught my eye because it was standing right beside the road chewing on the grass. It was saddled at the reins were hanging around its head. I slowed down a lot and looked around for the rider. Maybe they had been thrown and fallen into a ditch. I didn’t see anybody and the horse was near a house. Perhaps the rider had just stepped into the house for a bit. I guess I will never know.

TWTW January 20th through the 26th: I Get A Mysterious Visit

We’ve had some mixed winter weather recently; snow, some freezing rain, that sort of thing. One night about 8 o’clock, I looked out the back door. About an inch of snow sat on the ground. I noticed a rabbit had wandered through the backyard. I followed the fresh tracks with my eyes and it went from the corner of the house and then down into the woods. I then saw something that kind of disturbed me. A few sets of shoe prints in the snow. The didn’t seem to come from anywhere. They were just in the middle of the snow. They had been there a bit. The edges had worn soft and smooth. The rabbit tracks were much clearer.

I began to worry about how they had gotten there. Had somebody walked behind the house in the middle of the night and just stood there? Where had the person come from? There were no tracks coming around the corner of the house. They just seemed to appear back there.

I put on my shoes and walked out to see if I could figure out where this person had come from. Had they walked up from the woods? No, I did not find any evidence of that. Perhaps they had come around the corner. I put one of my feet in the imprints to see if the person was bigger than me. My foot fit perfectly. I put my other foot in a corresponding left footprint.

I then realized these were my footprints from the other night when I had walked out to look at the snow. I had come out on the concrete balcony so there wasn’t any “start” to them. I am smart people.

TWTW January 13th through the 19th: Bud Finds Some Prey

I was taking Bud the Dog ( pictured above) for a walk. I was happy. He was happy. He often doesn’t have the energy for a walk these days. He caught the scent of something and starting sniffing around deep into someone’s yard. I let him sniff to his heart’s content. He finally found what he was after, and grabbed it in his mouth.

He trotted over to me with his prize. He dropped it at my feet with a smile. I looked down in horror. It was a bit of skunks pelt. I could see the black and white fur clinging to bits of skin.

With a loud “eww”, I kicked it away. I think it was the remains of the neighborhood coyote’s dinner.

TWTW December 2nd through the 9th: I Fix Electronics

So old.

I bought a new 27 inch monitor and a new gaming mouse to help me with the all important fornite playing. I hooked up the new monitor and started to notice massive frame rate drops while I was playing. I normally could easily to 60 fps but it kept dropping down into the single digits. this made the game almost unplayable.

I searched for an answer. The resolution was the same even though it was a bigger monitor. I googled with no results. i couldn’t find anybody who had the same problem I did. I soon realized that the frame rate drops always happened when I moved the mouse. I did a search for mouse problem and frame rates and found a few people with the same problem. I “solved” it by switching back to my old mouse.

TWTW November 11th through the 17th: Jobu Hears Mice

I have mice in my garage. I’ve seen them a couple of times scurrying into the corner. For some reason, one small section of the garage wall is sorta finished. It has insulation between the studs and there is even a sheet of drywall covering half the area. The mice have decided that insulation is a wonderful material to live in. They have even torn off bits of it and carried it away to make beds elsewhere.

I was outside in the garage cleaning some things up. I’ve managed to get a lot of stuff cleared out of the garage so it’s more open. I had the door into the house open and Jobu came out to explore. He wandered around for a bit and then ended up near the insulation. He became alert and his ears picked up. He heard the mice inside. I got so excited Jobu was about to show off his amazing hunting skills. He took a step toward the wall…. then got bored and wandered back inside.

out the back door

TWTW November 4th through the 10th: A Dog Gets A Sweater And Jobu Tries To Go Walkabout

Bud got a new sweater for Veteran’s Day

Jobu started pawing at the door out to the outside. A couple of weeks ago a posted a few pictures of Jobu exploring the outside. But that was during the day. This was at night and Jobu is black. I opened the door and went out with him. I thought I should probably take a flashlight in case he wandered off. Jobu took off like he knew where he was going. He went straight to the side of the house and started marching toward the street. I realized this was the first time in his adult life Jobu had access to the entire world. He could go anywhere. He was trapped by the balcony before. He seemed to understand the new freedom. He started toward some bushes and I reached down and picked him up to keep him from wandering away. He’s too old and stupid to have that sort of freedom.

Some park pics from before it turned really cold.

TWTW October 28th through November 3rd: Early Fall Goes Straight To Winter And Jobu Explored The Wilderness

From my drive to work on Monday

One day it was like sixty. I had the windows and doors open to get in some nice fresh air. Shortly after…

It got warmer, the snow melted, and Jobu got adventurous

I was cleaning out the garage when I saw a mouse. I got Jobu to come out and do his ferocious hunter thing. He sniffed around for a bit, got bored, and went back inside.

I took an old dog for a long slow walk
Then he got really tired
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