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TWTW July 22nd Through the 28th: Jobu Tries To Get My Attention

I woke in the middle of the night and lay there half asleep. Jobu with his magic, I know when Daddy is up, power sensed this and decided to get my attention for something. He probably wanted yet more treats. He starts meowing. I tell myself to ignore him and breath slowly. I tried to make him think I had fallen back asleep.

He decided the bast way to get my attention is to change up his meowing. So each time he meows he altered it. He tried high pitched and low pitched. Long meows and short meows. To quick little whining meows in a row.

Throughout this I am lying there trying to keep a slow breathing pretend I am asleep thing going. I couldn’t keep it together and just started laughing at him. I never did get up and still don’t know what he wanted.

Using up empathy

We all have a few of those online friends.  The ones who use up our empathy.  They post vague updates and tweets. Going through some hard times, need positive thoughts/links etc…  They then get the desired outpouring of support. The worst are the people who do this for a long period of time. After about the twentieth tweet I have run all out of empathy for you. Maybe they suffer through a real issue, a bad divorce, or health problems.  But they don’t share what is really wrong. They want the empathy without really sharing the pain. I fully understand the desire for some privacy but if I don’t know the details I cannot truly empathize.

This isn’t just an old guy rant about internet friends being fake friends.  I have friends I have never actually met in person who I know a great deal about. We have shared many deep personal things.  I will have the same empathy for them as I do for IRL friends because they are in my real life.  If all I know is a self-censored timeline then I don’t really know you. If I don’t know what you regret I don’t really know you.

Don’t go to the internet with vague calls for support. Go to people who actually know you.  Rant over.

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