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Guest Post: Jobu again

Hello internet peoples.  This is Jobu back at my daddy’s keyboard again to tell you about my favorite subject: me.

jobu on shirts
My five favorite things are:

  1. Sleeping
  2. Eating
  3. Snuggling
  4. Playing
  5. Sleeping
Daddy calls me many nicknames:
  1. Fuzz head
  2. Wittle Smush
  3. NO!

Things I am scared of:

  1. vacuum
  2. washer
  3. dryer
  4. random noises
  5. invisible monsters

    I know I can never catch the red dot. I just like chasing it.

    I like to pester my daddy all the time to let me out so I can chew on the catnip plants he grows for me.  I even like going out there when it is raining or snowing.

    Daddy made  a video about me on the internet where he said mean things.

    Bored now.  Jobu out.

    Insomnia: my mysterious foe also a good bye to the zeo

    BLOGGER???? Why did you eat my 700 word post??

    Well since blogger ate my long post I’ll give you a TL:DR version on insomnia

    Sometimes me no can sleep much.

    Me no like

    Me no understand.  Me try many things to sleep.  They no work.

    Suddenly me can sleep.  Don’t know why.

    * ZEO sleep machine no exist no more.. NOEZ!!!!

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