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NaBloPoMo musings

So today is the 12th day of NaBloPoMO and the first time I’ve really had to struggle to come up with something to post. There are a fair number of things I could post on. But I do a lot of self censoring online these days. I don’t do it just to try and keep people having a positive opinion of me, though that is part of it, I also don’t want to unnecessarily hurt someone else’s feelings. As part of a self improvement program I am doing I am trying to come up with five beliefs about myself that are false. I am having a hard time with it. My number one belief about myself is that I am honest with myself about myself. That belief is either true, in which case it will be hard to come up with five false beliefs, or it’s false and it gets to be number one. Lame but I managed to write something. I should have done what wickedfrenchkiss.com did and used somebodies list of questions as a starting point for blogs but it is too late now.

Nablopmo 2: and being sick

Most of you will be aware of nanowrimo the national novel writer month. But you might not be aware of NaBloPomo the same thing but for blogging.  You just have to blog at least once a day for the month of November.  I did it last year and will be doing it again this year.  So expect many lame posts over the next month.  Like nanowrimo the point isn’t to worry about quality but just to get words on the screen.

Today I had plans.  I have mentioned in the past that my dad has health problems. He is confined to a bed or a chair.  The current house my parents live in is a quad level. That is a lot of stairs.  My Dad is stuck in the main floor.  His bed resides in the old living room.  So my Mom has recently bought a rather nice ranch one story house. Only one major renovation is needed. The chair doesn’t do well on carpet so the carpet needs to be torn up and then replaced with hardwood. The bedrooms actually already have hardwood floors under the carpet. So my plan for  today was to head up their and tear up the carpets.  My body had other plans.

I had been feeling like I had a minor cold for several days.  I had a cough, sore throat, and a snotty nose. It wasn’t enough to keep me from going to work but it was annoying.  I woke up this  morning feeling horrible. My sinuses were all stuffed up. I had a terrible headache, my throat was raw, and the cough was back with a vengeance. I quickly realized there was no way I would make the two hour drive and then spend all day doing manual labor.  So I had to make the call and tell my Mom I wouldn’t be there. Sorry mom.

I did manage a trip to CVS to get drugs of many kinds.  Funny enough writing this blog post was interrupted by me and the cat taking a three hour nap together.

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