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Music Monday: Samm Henshaw – Broke

Music Monday: Souma & Andrew Levine – Streaking Lights

Music Monday: Jon Osaski – Focus to Feel

Music Monday: Wendy & Lisa – The Closing Of The Year

Music Monday: Jimi Kings’ Top 30 smooth jazz songs of 2014

A US spotify playlist. I don’t know if this works in other countries. Once again it goes from #1 to #30

#24 Following my soul – Renato Falschi is no included.  I couldn’t even find it on youtube.

Music monday: The Avener – Fade Out Lines

Music Monday: Masters Of War-Staple Singers

Seems a fitting song for stuff going on now.

Music Monday: Normalties – Pink Skyscraper

I think I am going to continue to do music mondays.  I enjoy it. You may have noticed a trend in my music monday postings. I want to bring to you attention artists and songs you probably have not heard.

Music Monday: Underworld Beach

My memories of this song date back to the early nineties when a then girlfriend lent me the cassette tape. I really liked Underworld then. They seemed to harken back to New Wave which I am a big fan again.  Years later, maybe the 2000s, I came across another band called Underworld.  They were an electronic band.  Turns out it was the same band.

Music Monday: Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – Concrete Angel

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it. Great beat and mesmerizing vocals.

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