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Why my Mom is perfect

Roses for Mom

By some external measures of perfection my Mom would not fit the bill.  She did not stay at home all the time in an apron cooking brownies. We didn’t live in a mansion or have everything we wanted. What I did have was love.  Through good and bad times, and even the time I mighty have been annoyed, I knew she loved me. I knew that she wanted the best for me. Without her being how she was I would not be who I am. Therefore she was perfect.


It’s Mothers Day here in the US and I thought I should write something about the most important woman in my life.  So about Scarlett Johansson 🙂

Not her. My mom, Mommers. I won’t make this too long.  You might not be perfect, but you’ve always been the perfect Mom for me. Seeing the love and perseverance you’ve shown over the last several years has made me appreciate what a wonderful person you are.

Love you Mommers

Oh and here are some flowers for you 🙂


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