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They still can’t predict Illinois weather

So I got up last Sunday determined to go for a run since I hadn’t run in about a week. It was overcast as I was getting ready so I checked the weather online. A big red warning bar greeted me.  Eighty percent change of strong thunderstorms with heavy rain. It was claimed they would hit later in the morning. I clicked on the radar and only saw a tiny shower hundreds of miles away.  It’s not like I was running a marathon. I’d be back in a half hour. I ran then did the post run stuff: shower, eat a bit.  It was about the time the storms were supposed to hit so I checked the weather again.  The heavy storm warning was gone. It now claimed a hundred percent chance of rain that should come about noon. So noon rolled around and there still wasn’t any rain. Now the weather site listed a fifty percent change of rain about two pm.  Two pm came around an I had to go somewhere so I checked again.  Now it said a twenty percent chance of some showers around eight pm.

It never did rain. Not a drop.

The Tale of Three Jogs – Illinois Weather

Near the end of October I started jogging again. Every few years or so I get the bug to seriously take up running again.  Serious means being able to run a 5k. I could go all sorts of directions when blogging about running. I could talk about he life lesson learned from the rapid improvement or how it improves my mood. What I am going to talk about is the weather. Stupidly, I’ve taken up running outdoors as we transition into winter. Even with my cold weather gear we’ve already had a week were it was too windy and cold to run outside. I might have to jog some on a treadmill… ew.  Most places joke about their weather: “if you don’t like the weather just wait an hour”.  No place is that more true than in the midwest.

Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I went for a jog.  The temperature almost hit 30F and  brisk wind blew from the south producing a wind chill of 19F. I wore four layers on top and two below the waist.  My fingers and toes got cold and the cold air burned my lungs.. It was not a pleasant experience. I would much rather run when it is 90 than when it is 20. I think sweating is better than freezing.

On Sunday I went for another jog.  Again a gale wind blew from the south. The slight difference was the 60 F temperature. I only wore a windbreaker and sweatpants over my usual summer running gear.  By the  end of my run sweat soaked my clothes.

After work, four days later, I went for another jog.   This time it was 40 degrees with a breeze and a slight rain falling. I had a good run. The best since I restarted running.

So that is Illinois weather for you.  In less than two weeks we had: 19 degree windchills, 64 degree weather with gusting winds, 40 degrees and raining, and also there was a bonus ice storm mixed in. 

Photo[s] of the day: sunset in the midwest

It may be flat but it sure can be beautiful.  Click for larger size.

Photo o the day: Illinois

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