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Paris why do you weep?

I have spent a grand total of five days in my life in Paris. We didn’t fall in love. I did fall for some of her many charms and we had a short fling in the spring of 2012.

Over the last day I have written (In my head) a lot about the latest attacks in Paris. Frankly, I have read so many stupid things over the last day that I don’t want to add my own stupidity to the cacophony.

So I am just going to leave you with two things. First, I have met a lot of people in my life. They have been from all sorts of different places with all sorts of different backgrounds. Despite all that diversity they have all had much in common. Most people just want to live their lives, fall in love, have a few kids, and be happy once in awhile.

Secondly here are some pictures of that beautiful place who’s people have been wounded.

Rich, happy, and free

Earlier in the year I read a quote that has stayed with me since, “I am happy as long as I am healthy, and I am rich as long as I am not in debt.”  Sadly I can’t remember who I got this quote from to give them proper credit.   As I said, these words have stuck with me and been rattling around in my mushy noggin for months.

I am not healthy and I am in debt. The health thing is what it is, to sound like a professional athlete. I am currently under care for this biggest health problem I have.  Now that places some limitations on what I cad no in the form of exercise. One very important aspect of my health is totally within my control.  What I put into my body would frighten most people. If it the product hasn’t been processed or extruded or purchased from a chain restaurant, I usually don’t partake. I don’t really like eating this way it’s just the most convenient.  I often make resolutions to eat healthier. I say as I eat a bag of cheetos. They are baked though.

Because I am just trying to post things during NaBloPoMo I’ll write about debt at another time.  Nothing like dragging out a blog post to fill a self assigned schedule.

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