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That was the Week: October 11th through 18th 2015 Ads and sports and state parks

The early part of the week saw the Cubs return for 2 games in Chicago against he hated Cardinals.
They held off to win game three on Monday and then came the all important game 4.

If the Cubs managed to win on Tuesday they would win the first playoff series ever at Wrigley. They took an early lead but the Cardinals kept chipping away.  By the time the ninth inning cam around the Cubs were up by two runs. I was so nervous for the top half of the ninth inning that I went for a walk.  A two run lead just didn’t seem like much to me.  If they had been up by like six maybe I could have watched. In the end the Cubbies triumphed and moved on to play the NY Mets.

On Saturday I sat down and finally did something I had been thinking about doing for awhile. I added ads to this blog. I’ve had ads on my little used tech blog for a couple of years but finally decided to add them here. I have a hate hate relationship with ads on the web. Though they should be unobtrusive and only show up in two spots on the page, I don’t think I have the right to force you to have the ads show up on your browser. With that in mind, if you don’t want to see the ads feel free to install one of the available ad blocking software on your browser. Almost all browsers have them. My blocker of choice is ublock. Just search in your browsers add/extensions to find it.

Also I can block certain ads so let me know if you see something inappropriate.  Though I probably won’t do anything about it 🙂

Sunday I decided to relax and not stress my self out over the Bear’s game (don’t want to talk about it) or the Cubs games (really don’t want to talk about it) that I decided to drive out to Kickapoo state park and take some pictures:

That was the week June 22nd – June 28th 2015: Sorta

I don’t actually remember when everything happened and it was a boring week so instead of a day by day I am just going to give you some highlights.

*One of the big things I did this week was rearrange my furniture and clean. As part of this I threw away an old ratty couch I had had for years. It was once part of pair of couches that my mom had bought. I had thrown the other one away almost ten years ago.  The only use the couch has gotten the last recently  was as a place for Jobu to sleep and as a scratching post.  I lugged it by myself down the stairs and tossed it out by the dumpster. My apartment complex pays to have large items taken away. Later that night I was still cleaning and went to throw out a bag of trash.  A soft rain was falling. After throwing my stuff away I looked at the couch sitting in the soft summer rain. It looked so small and sad with its faded flower pattern slightly soaked and all the places were Jobu had ripped up the fabric. I patted it on the arm and said I was sorry for throwing it out and thanked it for its years of service. I then realized I was standing in the rain talking to a couch.

*For those of you who aren’t cat people, they tend to not like change. Jobu has this thing I call his perch.

It’s very high and puts him above my eye level. He loves it. It allows him to lord over me and show me who runs barter town. He was up there sorta sleeping as I moved things around.  I had moved the desk that used to sit next to the perch. He jumped from the desk to the perch.  I hadn’t put anything back yet.  He finally woke up more and looked down.  EVERYTHING WAS GONE!!  He got a panicked look on his face as he started looking back and forth. How do I get down?!

You can’t really see in the picture but I have set up a really easy way for him to get up there that involves at the most a foot and half jump. His tiny brain can’t seem to figure this out. He keeps trying to get up the hardest way possible involving the longest jumps. He has even meowed pitifully at me until I pick him up and put him up there.  He stupid.

*I have another netflix recommendation.  I finished the first season and have moved onto the second of Crossing Lines.  It’s a show about a special pan European crime unit that has jurisdiction everywhere. The first season was broadcast by NBC but they never did showed season 2.  The lead for the first two seasons is William Fichtner.  He is one of those “that guy” guys.  When you see him you will be like, “Oh yeah that guy.”

*The Cubs got swept by the Cardinals over the weekend. I hate the Cardinals 🙂

*I was cooking up some brats and wanted a vegetable side to go with them.  All I had was a bag of  onions.  I chopped up the onion and started to grill it in a pan with some oil. I seasoned it with salt, pepper. cayenne pepper, turmeric, and coriander. I grilled the onion for about 10 minutes till it was nice and soft. The flavors mixed almost perfectly. It was delicious with just enough heat and a great orange/yellow color.

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