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I Made My Wreath Extra FANCY! ™

With the encouragement and advice of Liene from Femme au foyer I decided to fancify my sad looking wreath. 

Not being particularly crafty, I didn’t expect much in the way of success.  I bought some little Christmas colored bells from the hobby store for a few dollar  I locally sourced some pine cones (stole them from a neighbors yard). s.  I attached them and the bells to the wreath using some colored ribbon I had bought awhile  ago at the dollar store. It appears one dollars worth of ribbon will last me the rest of my life. You may note that if you source your pine cones from nature they may come with little friends.  I had to squish a few bugs. 

And there are the results.  Click for  a larger view.

Christmas with friends, family, and a broken faucet


In my family we usually have a big Christmas eve feast and get together.  It’s a traditional Polish thing. With my mom needing to stay at home to take care of my dad, I decided not to go the family meal and just spend a quiet Christmas eve at home. My mom made a delicious turkey soup and we were all snug in our beds by 10:30.

On Christmas day I went to my oldest friends house and helped her fix her kitchen faucet.  The faucet had broken and it leaked from the spout so the whole thing needed to be replaced.  The problem was that the old plastic nuts that held the faucet to the sink seemed to have become fused to the metal.  No amount of force would get them to come off.  So I came to the rescue with my dremel tool. I had to use four cutting disks to grind away the plastic nuts and then the sander to get down to the metal.  Finally I had to jam a large screwdriver under the sink and pry it up to pop the nuts loose.  What a hassle.

A different friend posted pictures of her Christmas on facebook. The piles of presents were almost taller than her kids.  My initial reaction was “Bah consumerism blah blah blah.”  But then I thought back to my own Christmases as a kid. My joy on Christmas morning was pure.  It felt as if the gifts were an expression of love.  Now that I am older I just want to share time with people I care about and maybe exchange a few meaningful gifts.

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