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TWTW September 28th through October 4th: I Awake To A Cat Fat

In the middle of the night I was dreaming. In the dream I suddenly heard screeching and wailing. I awoke in the dark listening. Had the sound been in my dream or in real life. It had sounded like a cat fight. I lay there in the dark listening. I didn’t hear anymore sounds. And then I heard a cat meowing loudly. I don’t know if that was the winner or the loser.

Next morning I went outside looking to see if I could find any aftermath of the fight. A neighborhood cat was nearby and slinked into the woods. He seemed fine.

TWTW September 7th through the 14: I Get A New Chipmunk

My new chipmunk

I kinda expected that I wouldn’t be chipmunkless long after the passing of Hanz. There are lots of chipmunks around here and near my patio is prime real estate. It has a constant supply of food.

Within about 5 days of Hanz going to the giant back patio in the sky, another chipmunk started coming around. The newcomer is much more timid than than Hanz was. He tends to run away at almost nay sound.

I have also been getting visits from a pair of cardinals that show up around sundown to eat up the leftovers from the chipmunk. It’s a boy and girl cardinal so I assume they are on a date.

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