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TWTW August 3rd through the 9th: Plumbers Gain Respect.

My mom’s kitchen faucet leaked. After a long search, she had bought one she liked. I agreed to put it in. I had installed a couple of other faucets. How hard could it be?

I climbed under the sink. I had never seen a faucet installed like this. I searched the internet. I banged and unbolted. I yanked on things. I hit my head, and cut up my hands. Icky smelling water dripped on me. Eventually, I pulled the old faucet out and started putting in the new one. It went much easily until I got to needing to connect the supply lines. The fittings were completely different sizes. Several trips to Home Depot and Menard’s ensued. I finally had the right fittings and attached everything. Time to turn on the water. Things leaked. I tried to tighten things up and it still leaked. Frustrated, at this point I gave up.

My uncle realized the problem was that I hadn’t put any plumbers tape on the fittings. He had some and finished up my job.

I no longer will complain when I see how much a plumber makes an hour.

TWTW July 27th through August 2nd: A Chipmunk Implores The Food Giant

I looked out at the patio where I feed the chipmunk. The patio door was open since it was a nice day. What do I see? The Chipmunk has climbed up the screen and is frantically looking into the room. I hadn’t fed him the day before. I could sense the question: Food giant where is the food. I fed him.

A few days later, after I had fed him, the chipmunk climbed onto the screen as I was standing there. It seemed he wanted to say think you to the food giant. He still runs away if I try to come out. I can understand the logic. Food giant is benevolent and give me food, but food giant is also giant and could squish me.

TWTW July 13th through the 19th: And Then There Was One

I noticed that I am only having one of my chipmunk friends eating the food. This made me do a search on chipmunk social structure to see if they stay in groups. They do not.

Though you may see chipmunks around each other, they are not social animals. They like to keep to themselves and only interact during mating season, which is in the spring.

I had always assumed the two smaller chipmunks, Franz and Franz, were the children and Hanz was the mother. Maybe I was right and two of them have scampered off to other areas. Though I thought they would want to stay around a sure source of food. I can’t actually tell which one has stayed since the only way I told them apart was by their sizes and behavior relative to each other.

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