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TWTW February 17th through the 23rd: A Heron Tries To Commit Suicide

then thinks better of it.

Stock Heron photo

I was driving south to my job. The day was lit by the growing light of a cloudy dawn. I approached a small bridge that I have driven over thousands of times. I caught of glimpse of a giant bird sitting on the metal railing, a heron. It panicked and burst into flight directly into my path. I realized there would be no way a bird that big would be able to dodge. Visions of a shattered windshield and dead heron flashed threw my mind. I slammed on the breaks and swerved. The beautiful grey bird stretched out its giant wings, and as graceful as a ballerina turned back around and flew off. I had no idea herons could move like that. They always appear gangly.

Music Monday: Morgan Page & Matt Fax feat. Lissie – The Longest Road To The Ground (Extended Mix)

TWTW February 10th through the 16th: Bud The Love Machine

Bud the dog loved everybody and everybody loved him. He was like a walking love bubble. He took in love. He gave off love. He amplified love. Wherever he went there was more love. Unfortunately, there was too much love for his little doggy heart. Saturday morning it gave out.

I’d sing songs to bud that consisted of just his name over and over again. He loved it. He would jump up and down and his little tail wagged like mad whenever I came for a visit. He will be missed.

Music Monday: Bon Iver – Faith

TWTW February 3rd through the 9th: Bison And A Horse Oh My

As I drove down Monday morning, I looked over at a passing farm and notice a few large brown cows in a small pen. Some really really big brown cows. Those aren’t cows they’re bison. I don’t know if you have ever seen a bison but they are huge, way bigger than cows. The thing that struck me was how short the fence that enclosed them was. It barely came to their knees. They could bust right through that thing.

A few more miles down the road, I saw a horse. That doesn’t sound strange right. Lots of people have horses out in the country. This one caught my eye because it was standing right beside the road chewing on the grass. It was saddled at the reins were hanging around its head. I slowed down a lot and looked around for the rider. Maybe they had been thrown and fallen into a ditch. I didn’t see anybody and the horse was near a house. Perhaps the rider had just stepped into the house for a bit. I guess I will never know.

Music Monday: The Midnight – Shadows

Kissed you when I saw you
Stared deep into your eyes
I meant to say I love you
But instead I said goodbye

TWTW January 27th through February 2nd: A Dog’s Love

Not much happened. Watched the super bowl.

Music Monday: R.I.B. feat. Angel Falls & Allam – I Will Guide You

TWTW January 20th through the 26th: I Get A Mysterious Visit

We’ve had some mixed winter weather recently; snow, some freezing rain, that sort of thing. One night about 8 o’clock, I looked out the back door. About an inch of snow sat on the ground. I noticed a rabbit had wandered through the backyard. I followed the fresh tracks with my eyes and it went from the corner of the house and then down into the woods. I then saw something that kind of disturbed me. A few sets of shoe prints in the snow. The didn’t seem to come from anywhere. They were just in the middle of the snow. They had been there a bit. The edges had worn soft and smooth. The rabbit tracks were much clearer.

I began to worry about how they had gotten there. Had somebody walked behind the house in the middle of the night and just stood there? Where had the person come from? There were no tracks coming around the corner of the house. They just seemed to appear back there.

I put on my shoes and walked out to see if I could figure out where this person had come from. Had they walked up from the woods? No, I did not find any evidence of that. Perhaps they had come around the corner. I put one of my feet in the imprints to see if the person was bigger than me. My foot fit perfectly. I put my other foot in a corresponding left footprint.

I then realized these were my footprints from the other night when I had walked out to look at the snow. I had come out on the concrete balcony so there wasn’t any “start” to them. I am smart people.

Music Monday: Air – Alone In Kyoto

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