Throughout the summer I’d hear a sound. I usually only noticed it later at night. If I was sitting around watching tv or something, I’d hear something that sounded like a neighbor slamming a car door. It would happen two or three times then there might be a couple of minute gap then it would happen again.

My main theory was someone slamming a car door. Perhaps they were unloading groceries or coming back from a trip. But every time I looked I didn’t see anybody near any of the cars. My other theory was a noise from the propane factory.

It kept happening this morning and because I didn’t have any windows open I finally figured out what was causing the noise. At the beginning of summer and I put out a porch swing that was in the garage. I had put it up near the house so it wouldn’t catch the wind. Well if the wind came just right it caused the swing to move enough to bang against the side of the house. With the window open it sounded like it was coming from somewhere else. I decided it was time to bring the swing back inside.