I was driving to my friend to bring him something he needed. Near the end of a tunnel I noticed that a front wheel had been knocked off my car. It had fallen into the caves beneath the tunnel. I stopped the car and got out. I had to pick the car up and lift it over the broken end of the tunnel. I then jumped down into the caves to try and get my wheel back.

The caves where full of storage things. I then found that my mom had planted a bunch of plants down there. They weren’t growing that well because the only sunlight was coming through cracks in the roof. That’s when I remember that a monster lived in the caves. Last time I had been in them I had a weapon to fight the monster but this time I didn’t. I saw the monster scooting around the caves looking for me. I managed to sneak out but without my wheel.

As soon as I got outside I came across three guys riding bicycles who agreed to help me get the wheel. None of them had flashlight so I turned on my phones light. Before we could climb down a lady came by with my wheel that she had gotten out of the caves.

I wandered down into the town nearby. It had a bunch of people with super power living in it. I ran into another friend who was a superhero. I was trying to get McDonalds to use the leader of his good guy superhero league as the new spokesman. I got worried that my friend had used his super power to intimidate the CEO of McDonalds. It turns out he just meant the local McDonalds. My superhero friend had used to work there and still knew the manager.

Satisfied, I started walking out of the room but bumped the burger wrapper of a guy sitting at a table. He got all angry with me. I was in trouble. This guy was a super villain assassin with special stab people in the back powers.

I realized I had to get out of their and ran out into the street and down an alley. I stepped into a rave to try and hide among the people there. The place was packed and we were shoulder to shoulder moving about to the music. I kept looking for the assassin when in the crown a few cops walked by me. I thought the cops could take care of the assassin. But it turned out they were boy scouts and i realized they were in danger from the assassin.

I woke up. It was 1:30 am and somebody in the propane factory down the hill was banging on something.