My mom’s kitchen faucet leaked. After a long search, she had bought one she liked. I agreed to put it in. I had installed a couple of other faucets. How hard could it be?

I climbed under the sink. I had never seen a faucet installed like this. I searched the internet. I banged and unbolted. I yanked on things. I hit my head, and cut up my hands. Icky smelling water dripped on me. Eventually, I pulled the old faucet out and started putting in the new one. It went much easily until I got to needing to connect the supply lines. The fittings were completely different sizes. Several trips to Home Depot and Menard’s ensued. I finally had the right fittings and attached everything. Time to turn on the water. Things leaked. I tried to tighten things up and it still leaked. Frustrated, at this point I gave up.

My uncle realized the problem was that I hadn’t put any plumbers tape on the fittings. He had some and finished up my job.

I no longer will complain when I see how much a plumber makes an hour.