I went to the mailbox and pulled the mail out. It was two days worth so there was quite a bit. My current mail routine is I set the mail on the counter for a few days and don’t touch it and I wash my hands afterwards. You know, in case the mail person was sneezing all over it. I get into the kitchen and as I walk by the sink I feel something crawling on my hand. I look down and there appear to by about a hundred tiny ants crawling all over my hand and half way up my arm. I toss the mail in the sink and start rubbing the ants off my arm and into the sink. The odd thing is the ants were only on one piece of mail and they were all over it. The other mail was ant free. I moved the ant free mail and proceeded to drown all the little ants. I felt kinda bad. There must have been something on that one envelope the ants loved.