I Get Older

I turned very old this week. I don’t feel old. It’s funny I still just feel like me. I’d guess myself to be in my late 20s. That is until I try and do something physical.

I Get Confused By A Blinky Light

I was talking to my mom one night on the phone. I walked around my darkened bedroom when I noticed the flash of a led. I started looking around for which electronic device was blinking. Was it the tablet I use as an alarm clock? Nope. Was it the tv? Nope. The oddest thing was it kept moving. I would look in one spot and it would be reflected by the dresser. The next time it would be by the window. My confusion grew. Maybe it was my phone in my pocket somehow. Nope. Then it finally hit me. I was wearing a blue tooth ear piece. I’ve taken to wearing a it since I got tire of holding the phone up to my ear. The blue led flashes when it’s connected to a call.

I Get Confused By A Coffee Pot

I got everything ready for my morning coffee and pushed the button to turn on the coffee pot. About fifteen minutes later, I remembered and went to get my coffee. Only one problem. No coffee. It hand’t brewed. It wasn’t plugged in. I had unplugged it to clean it. So I plugged it back in pushed the button and walked away. I came back about ten minutes later and still now coffee. What? A plug was clearly going into the socket. Had I tripped a breaker. then I realized I had plugged in the crock pot and not the coffee maker. I’m in my prime.