As I have mentioned so many times, I commute a couple of hours to work once a week. This is a great trip through the country that I have taken probably thousands of times. Very little changes in the farm fields of Illinois. A few farm blocks south of small-town stood a house on a corner. When I first started coming down the road as a kid, people lived in the house. It then became abandoned. Slowly it fell apart as the trees grew up around it. The corner became a thicket of trees with a leaning and collapsing house in the middle. Eventually, the house fell over and it was hidden from view by the growing trees. Just last month the farmer decided to bulldoze it all and at that little bit of land to the field. They tore up the trees, hauled away the remains of the house, and flattened it all out.

I hadn’t realized that I used that house as a landmark to know that the small town was coming up. You have to slow down ya know. The first time I drove north without the house I was very confused. I saw a few lights in the distance and assumed it was the final town before I turn onto the interstate. Suddenly a house came up on my left and I freaked out. There are no houses on the left of the town. That’s when I realized where I actually was.