We’ve had some mixed winter weather recently; snow, some freezing rain, that sort of thing. One night about 8 o’clock, I looked out the back door. About an inch of snow sat on the ground. I noticed a rabbit had wandered through the backyard. I followed the fresh tracks with my eyes and it went from the corner of the house and then down into the woods. I then saw something that kind of disturbed me. A few sets of shoe prints in the snow. The didn’t seem to come from anywhere. They were just in the middle of the snow. They had been there a bit. The edges had worn soft and smooth. The rabbit tracks were much clearer.

I began to worry about how they had gotten there. Had somebody walked behind the house in the middle of the night and just stood there? Where had the person come from? There were no tracks coming around the corner of the house. They just seemed to appear back there.

I put on my shoes and walked out to see if I could figure out where this person had come from. Had they walked up from the woods? No, I did not find any evidence of that. Perhaps they had come around the corner. I put one of my feet in the imprints to see if the person was bigger than me. My foot fit perfectly. I put my other foot in a corresponding left footprint.

I then realized these were my footprints from the other night when I had walked out to look at the snow. I had come out on the concrete balcony so there wasn’t any “start” to them. I am smart people.