Poor jobu at the vets being curious

On Tuesday I grabbed a tired Jobu and put him in his carrier. He didn’t protest until we got in the car. Then the yowling began. It ended by the time we got to the vets office. Jobu handled the visit like a trooper. He let the tech and the vet handle him and seemed curious to know what was going on.

After the checkup and hearing the symptoms (losing weight and fur but acting normal), the vet thought it was probably a thyroid problem which can be a problem in older cats. The took a blood sample for test to be sure and told me they would have the results by Friday.

They called me late on Wednesday night to tell me the results. It wasn’t a thyroid problem His thyroid numbers were normal. It was chronic kidney disease. His little kitten kidneys are failing. It’s very common in older cats. There isn’t much that can be done. Some stuff to make his remaining time better. He seems to be doing ok. He doesn’t know what’s going on. I’m giving him more snuggles than he wants.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and a bunch how the clan got together. My brothers, nephews and nieces were all there to eat lots of food.

I’m thankful that 15 years ago Jobu picked me out to be his human and that we have had so many good years together.