I have mostly moved in. The boxes have been emptied or put in their place. I am still sleeping on a mattress on the lower level to keep Jobu company during the scary nights in a new place. It’s scary for a cat in a new place. There are new smells, new sounds, new monsters, and ghosts. After a few days, Jobu started to get braver. He even would venture into the main level and sniff about a bit.

One night was downstairs with Jobu. I played some cats sound out of my phone which got him all excited trying to find the kitteh friend. He suddenly jumps up and spins around. He hides behind me staring a the stair up to the main level. He puts one paw on me as if to confirm that daddy was there to defend him. I laughed. He just kept staring. After about 5 minutes I got worried and looked around upstairs thinking maybe the raccoons were back. I didn’t find anything. He has slowly been recovering from this horrifying incident.

Near the end of the week, it was dark but not that late, perhaps 9 pm. I went up to the main level which was in darkness to put something in the fridge and throw some Jobu fur away. As I turned the corner to walk into the darkened kitchen I heard a small crash behind me that sounded like it came from the empty upstairs. All my hair stood on end and I thought this is creepy. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. I threw the Jobu fur away and all my hair stood on end again. Being the brave soul I am I marched upstairs looking for maybe something that fell over. I didn’t find anything and slowly the creepy feeling faded. I went back downstairs to a terrified Jobu. That’s when I noticed that the dustpan I had put on the end of the broom had fallen off. I had been sweeping out the bathroom. I laughed.