In the ancient past, I got a free washer and dryer from friend of mine. I stopped using the washer because it had a leak. In truth the leak wasn’t that bad. It could be cleaned up with a couple of paper towels. I tried to fix it but I couldn’t get the washer apart because the screws had all rusted shut.

A friend of mine and her man just moved into their first house. Was in most cases, the house didn’t come with a washer and dryer. Most people gave them the advice to just go buy them on a credit card. They, being much smarter than me, want to start their lives with as little debt as possible. I overheard the conversation and offered them my old ones for free. I did fully disclose the leak. A few weeks later they showed up to take them. Her boyfriend is a giant of a man. His biceps were the size of my thighs. He managed to move the washer and dryer by himself (with the help of a hand truck).

Remember the story from a few weeks ago about me finding a frog in my ruined folding chair and throwing it, the chair, away. Well, a couple of days after the washer and dryer in bye bye, a neighbor stops me. He told me they were moving away and asked if I wanted their balcony furniture. I said ok and I now own some outdoor furniture.

This is my happy face Dad