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I have been using the same gaming computer since late 2011. I’ve upgraded a few things. I bought a newer video card a few years ago. I finally decided it was time for an upgrade. I got a new motherboard, processor, memory, and a super fast ssd.

I used my old case. It took me a while but I finally got everything attached and screwed in. The moment had arrived. I turned it on. Fans started and then “BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.” I searched the internet trying to find out what 5 beeps meant. The answer was not encouraging, CPU error. I tried every fix I could think of or find. I unplugged everything and tried different combinations of plugging things back in. I took out the cpu a couple of times and reinstalled. I took it out of the case. Every time I hit the power button 5 beeps. I was not looking forward to sending stuff back. I took a break. About midnight on page 8 of the google results I found a page for my motherboard that said 5 beeps meant no gpu detected. I hadn’t hooked up my graphics card because the motherboard had built-in graphics and I thought I would add my card later. I plugged in my graphics card and started it up. It worked fine.

In late 2002 one of the greatest pieces of technology was released to the world. The Brother HL-1440 laser printer. The things were tanks. They almost never broke and lasted for 1000s and 1000s of prints. I got one about then and it worked up until this week. I only replaced the toner cartridge once during its almost 20 years of faithful service. That all changed Saturday. I needed to print a couple of pages. The printer made the normal groaning sounds it had been making for the last several years. Then it gave a paper error. I looked for a jam but couldn’t find one. I tried again and got the error. In a hurry, I tried a third time but this time I used the tried and true tech troubleshooting methog. I banged the side of it hard with my fist. It didn’t like that. The groaning sound was replace by screaching and grinding. I feel bad.