Jobu sleeps a lot. I mean A LOT. As he’s gotten older his sleepy time has increased. He has a very consistent sleep patter. He picks a main spot for most sleep and then takes little naps in every spot. The funny thing is at seasonal changes he picks a new main sleepy spot. So every 3 months or so he spends a week searching for his new spot. I’ll try up in the catch perch.. no I’ll try my original bed.. I’ll try daddy’s bed. He seems to have decided on his old old cat bed. I bought it for him the day after I adopted him from the shelter. It’s well used.

I was walking near the retention pond and there were geese in it as usual. There were a pair of geese huddled together. They looked like a couple. Suddenly another geese hoists his wings out of the water and gets all angry. He charges at one of the geese in the couple and they start fighting. They fight for about a minute and the loser sulked away. The funniest part about it was the other geese in the pond all lined up to watch. HONK HONK HONK HONK … FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT. It was like high school