You are all familiar with my main housemate Jobu. But I have had another housemate for about a year. Harry the Hemiptera. He’s lived with me for about a year. I can always tell it’s Harry because at some point he lost a leg and crawls around on five legs. I didn’t see Harry for a while. I assumed the cold got him.

On Saturday I decided to finally clean up my computer desk. I pulled the desk out took everything off and cleaned the area. I came back in the room and standing on top of the blank desk was an Hemiptera. At first I got all excited Harry was back. On closer inspection he had all 6 legs. His antenna twitched at me. “What have you done to my home!?” He crawled back under the desk and I put everything back.

I few days later I saw my new housemate again. A couple of inches away was Harry. He’s still alive and hobbling around on his 5 legs.