Work happens

The first week of this long period was spent working. I don’t remember much else

Christmas Happens

For Christmas I went home and spent time with my parents and friends.

New Years Happens

I spent New Years at home playing Fortnite.

Getting Sick Happens

The day after I got home from my parents I got sick. Like a fever and everything. I suddenly had a sore throat and the snot.. ohh soo much snot. I used up two Kleenex boxes. It lasted for four days. I slept 14 hours the first day I was sick and at least 10 hours every other day. Not a good way to spend a break away from work.

Cheese Happens

As a Christmas gift I got a cheese making kit. So I made cheese. It tasted really good and wasn’t that hard to make.

New Blog Happens

After the New Year I finally got my blog moved back over to wordpress.