Icemageddon, Not really

During the middle of the week we had dire warnings of Icemageddon. Two nights in a row they told use that freezing rain would cover the land in slippery death. Cars would crash, people would fall, nobody would be able to get to work. Each morning I woke up, and everything was fine.

Snowmageddon 2, Nope

Next up we had Snowmageddon part 2. At first the forecast called for 6-10 inches of snow guaranteed for Friday and Saturday. As the weekend drew closer it got downgraded to 4- 6 inches. But it was still supposed to be a proper blizzard with lots of wind and blowing snow.

I woke up Saturday morning to maybe an inch of snow.. and no more fell. It was windy and got cold but, Worst Blizzard Ever

Jobu Loves Me, Not So Much

I was sitting in my easy chair. I don’t remember if I was watching a tv show or playing a video game, but I had my headphones on and was absorbed I what I was doing. Suddenly a paw gently rested on my shoulder so as not to shock me. Jobu climbed into my lap and purred. He loves me I thought. He then sat on the arm of the chair as I petted him. He wanted to be near me. I was touched. I had to get up and get something. As soon as I stood up he jumped into the center of the chair to curl up and go to sleep. He didn’t love me. He just wanted the chair.